105 Ways to Give a Book

Where the Mountain Meets the Moon

Where the Mountain Meets the MoonWhere the Mountain Meets the Moon is simply beautiful — not just for the artwork, but for the storytelling and the message contained within.”

I can quote myself, right? That statement is from my interview with Grace Lin during her book release blog tour in June. Today I watched Grace on, well, The Today Show, as Al Roker talked about her book for the kids’ book club. I had been excited about this TV interview all week, because I love Grace’s artwork, her writing, and this book in particular. She also is a person most deserving of success, and I feel happy for her. Joyful, even.

Grace looked lovely in the red dress that she picked especially for the occasion. She did a wonderful job answering the book club kids, who asked her several questions about the book. They wondered if there were a specific Chinese folk tale that inspired the book, if the moral of story came from a real life experience, and why a goldfish is good luck in the book. The last question about whether she enjoyed writing this book gave Grace a chance to share how this book is her favorite, because she was able to write and illustrate the book with full-color panels, which are unusual in a novel.

koi fish necklaceI’m giving my fifth grader Where the Mountain Meets the Moon this Christmas, and though it took me some extra time to find the gift to give with it for my 105 Ways to Give a Book, I finally found something. I bought this necklace with a koi fish from Lunaricsales. Hopefully she’ll make some more. The pretty fish necklace seemed a better choice for our family than the more obvious gift pairing — a live goldfish. With the cats, the hamster, and a betta fish hanging onto life by a fin, I think we’re done with pets.

Congratulations to Grace Lin for her Today Show appearance. You rocked it!

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jama said...

She looked stunning and did a great job. Love the necklace you found to go with the book!

Grace Lin said...

Aww, thanks so much! I felt your good vibes all the way from the set (and they were much needed and very very appreciated!)

Jean Reidy said...

I just bought this book as a Christmas gift for my niece. I can't wait until she dives in.