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Online Shopping with Bargain Books

If you’re getting snow tomorrow, like we are here in the DC area, perhaps you don’t want to go shopping this weekend. Maybe, in fact, you just need one more gift to round out your child’s Christmas loot or have one more niece/nephew/godchild to shop for before calling it a season.

As always, I can direct you to my 105 Ways to Give a Book. Very handy with all of the comparing and shopping and links provided for you. Today I’ll also add the latest in my Bargain Books series with a nice selection for the kids. To make shopping easier, I’ve grouped them by age and gender, but freely admit that the lines of both are fluid. Hardback (HB) editions are indicated, mostly to show the amazing deals offered.

Preschoolers to First-Grade Boys or Girls

Second- to Fourth-Grade Girls

Second- to Fourth-Grade Boys

Fourth- to Fifth-Grade Girls

Fourth- to Fifth-Grade Boys

Fourth- to Fifth-Grade Girls

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