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Poetry Friday: Pug and Other Animal Poems

Pug and Other Animal Poems
by Valerie Worth, illustrated by Steve Jenkins

Farrar Straus Gioux Books for Young Readers, 2013
review from library copy
Pug and Other Animal PoemsWhile these poems capture the nature of cat, rat, and pug, there is often another layer of depth that I don’t always see in children’s poetry. Instead of going for the fun pun or obvious observations, this collection is one about lovely wordplay and imagery. The marvelous artwork of Steve Jenkins, as always, adds to the collection of eighteen poems. The detailed cut-paper animals accentuate the poems, but leave enough solid colored background in each two-page spread to give the poem center stage. I had many favorites from the book, but this particular poem takes place in a city, with illustrated echoes of the city where I’d very much like to be today.
Sparrows and Pigeons

Even in winter, along
Streets of stone
Where a thin sun
Warms nothing,
Sparrows and pigeons
Seem at home,
Where there appears
To be no home,
Fed, where no hand
Feeds them: flying,
Alive, on roofs,
On ledges of windows,
Down in the alleys,
They seem at home
And warm – as if
It were the country
And summer here,
Summer always,
And high gold corn.
-Valerie Worth

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Ruth said...

My son and I liked this one!

Betsy Hubbard said...

This looks great. I too love Steve Jenkins illustrations. Thanks for sharing it.

Bridget Magee said...

Valerie Worth is one of my favorite poet/authors. I'm going to check this collection out! Thanks for sharing! =)