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48 Hour Book Challenge More Prizes

Last year the indomitable Ms Yingling ran the challenge, and she's not slacking this year either contributing yet another stack of books for prizes. There are at least two titles here that I would snatch right up, so I better have them sent directly to winner or I can't be held responsible for my behavior. (Note: I had to look up indomitable both for spelling and meaning, and I nailed it.)

Perhaps you'll be putting your haul in a lovely tote bag designed and donated by Tiffany Gholar.

I'm excited to share a title written and contributed by Robin Brande, Doggirl a great story featuring the perfect intersection of dogs and drama and time-limited challenges. There's more, but I promised a piecemeal approach to prizes. Plus I have to take the Kid to pointe class. So stay tuned...

(I mean stay tuned unless you're writing me to offer prizes, in which case you can do so anytime at MotherReader AT gmail DOT com.)

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