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Booktalking Season

Last year I was so organized that I shared my booktalks online, while this year I've been lucky if they are mentally rehearsed before I go into the school. I've had a lot on my mind.

But whether or not I have a graduating senior or need to plan the Girl Scout bridging ceremony for over a hundred girls, our booktalking season is upon us. Quite late this year as our kids are still in school. In fact, that senior doesn't even get to do the graduating part until June 23rd. Crazy, right? It's especially frustrating as other high schools were done yesterday, but we all have to take our turn with the local university facilities and we are last. It's ridiculous.

So far I've gone into two elementary schools to talk about the summer reading program and booktalk some titles, and it's gone well. I had a great partner both times, which really helps. We have different kinds of books, and we can take turns with the introductions and the talking. I'm not thrilled to be heading out tomorrow alone for a four hour stretch with no breaks and seven class sessions. Is that how other public libraries do it, I wonder?

Later I'll share some of the books I talked about this year. My "hooks" weren't as good as usual, but there were definitely some titles that caught their attention. It was great luck being able to pitch a soccer book - Keeper, by Mal Peet - during the World Cup games. Lots of interest there!


Anonymous said...

Whoa...that is a rather long stretch. I don't ever remember doing that. I remember doing entire schools, all day, by myself, but always got breaks! Hope you still have fun and manage to leave with your voice somewhat intact!

The Pen and Ink Blogspot said...

If you are looking for more books, I've been posting first paragraphs from the 2014 Crystal KIte finalists. I am up to post 4
The latest post covers finalists in UK/Ireland, Middle East/ India/Asia and Canada regional divisions.