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Countdown to 48 Hour Book Challenge

With the 48 Hour Book Challenge at the end of this very week, it is time to get prepared. That admonishment was certainly less for my readers than for me, as I have been trying to get it together while navigating a minefield of end-of-school madness added to my usual run-of-the-mill madness. But I'll start with a tease of prizes donated by Ms Yingling and continue with more during the week. So these look pretty pretty good:

There's more to come, for sure. Stay tuned! I'd also like to collect some suggestions for diverse books to explore in our collaboration with #WeNeedDiverseBooks. So if you have a list, post, Pinterest board, or interpretive dance that you can share, well that's what comments are for. (Though obviously, their tumblr page is a pretty pretty good place to start too.)

The official sign-up will go up on Friday, June 6th but you're invited to pop into the comments of the 48 Hour Book Challenge opener for a pre-commitment support group. Remember that you don't actually have to read/blog for 48 hours to participate. Just look to reading a bit more and perhaps a bit differently than you would otherwise and we'll all have a bit of fun together.


Abby said...

I posted about finding diverse books to read for the 48HBC! http://www.abbythelibrarian.com/2014/05/48-hour-book-challenge.html

I will be following along and cheering everyone on!!!

Anamaria (bookstogether) said...

I just put up a list of ten diverse mg and ya novels. All of them came out this year and are at my local library, so yours should have them, too--or you can come on over to Arlington, I think the cards are reciprocal? Anyway, here's the list: