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Missing Duck and Goose

Now is it really possible that I forgot to write about one of my favorite picture books of 2006?

Duck and GooseAs I was returning Tad Hills’ Duck and Goose to my library, it struck me that I had never sung the praises of this wonderful book. I’ve read it to first graders, two kindergarten classes, and one preschool program in the four months that my library has owned this book. It is quickly becoming one of my favorites of all time, but I didn’t tell you, my devoted readers, about it. Shame on me. In my defense, many of you have seen it. Many of the bloggers have even written about it. But still.

Sometimes a picture book comes along that is so perfect, you want to press it into the hands of everyone that passes by. The illustrations are lovely and funny at the same time. The story is cute and amusing, but also meaningful.

Duck and Goose come across an egg — in theory. They each want it for themselves and argue about who will hatch it. When they can’t agree, they both end up on top of it with neither giving way. As day turns to night, they start talking and getting along. They find out what they have in common, and begin to talk about “our baby.” When they are woken by some movement, they run around wildly and try to figure out what to do. Only to find out that they have been sitting on a ball all along. The shocked looks on their faces is perfect. They take the new information in stride and play with the ball together.

All in all, this book conveys a perfect message about common ground, friendship, and sharing, while being entertaining, amusing, and visually entrancing. Watch for it to become one of the new classics.
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Little Willow said...

I love that book. So sweet. Quack!

Girl Detective said...

I got this from the library today, and my nearly 3yo son bonded with it immediately, though he called it "Duck and Pip" several times, since Goose looks very similar to Daisy's young brother (from Daisy and the Egg, and Daisy and the Beastie)

Kim from Hiraeth said...

As a former preschool teacher I can say without a doubt that this is a book I would want to read to my class! I shall look for a copy to add to my children's book collection.

Anonymous said...

I got this out of the library because of your blog. Our 8 year old read it to the baby and me... and then my husband read through it and said we should buy it!
Our favorite line.. :You're closer to me than I am to you!" Too funny.