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Does This Template Make Me Look Fat?

While I was in Virginia Beach soaking up the sunshine and holding my baby niece, my husband was busy at work on my blog. I’ve wanted to include pictures for my books for a long time, but it seemed like too much work to figure it out. So he did it. And if that weren’t enough, he went back through the all the months of my blog and added pictures to the posts. That’s true love folks, and a little bit of a perfectionist tendency.

Another change will not be apparent, and that is my new status as an Amazon associate. I’ve always linked to Amazon, but now if someone wants to buy a book after coming from here, I’ll get a little credit. I also thought this seemed like too much work to set up, but again, my darling husband set up my account and changed the links on every one of my books. True love, and a little bit of an obsessive nature.

The last change is my final farewell to anonymity. I don’t use my name on my site as a matter of practice, though it’s on my Technorati profile anyway. Then I wrote that article for Edge of the Forest under my real name. And now, my photo comes out as part of a School Library Journal Extra interview on the 48 Hour Book Challenge. They asked for a photo, and right before I got on the road Saturday, my husband took that picture. The exchange between us went something like this:
Me: “Should I hold the book up more?”

Him: “I’m not a professional photographer. What do you want to do?”

Me: “Well, I can’t see what I look like, but you can. How do I look?”

Him: “You look grouchy.”

Me: “In all of the pictures I look grouchy?”

Him: “I don’t know, seems like it.”
As it turns out, in at least one of the photos I didn’t look too grouchy, and I sent that to the reporter just before zipping along to face the Saturday traffic. Taking my picture when I hate having my picture taken, true love and a little bit of patience.

I’ll be traveling again for a few days, so take this time to read the archives, buy a book or two, and look at all the pictures — including a new graphic for the 48 Hour Book Challenge. True love, I tell ya.
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Unknown said...

Congratulations on the SLJ interview! I posted about it on my blog yesterday. I didn't mention the picture because I wasn't sure if it was actually you or if it was a stock photo of "woman with a book." But I think the picture turned out great, and it's nice to know what you look like.

I like the new 48 hour graphic, too!

Anonymous said...

I think that the blog looks great. Congratulations on having such a loving perfectionist of a husband! I like the 48 hour book challenge graphic a lot.

And congratulations on the SLJ interview being published. I wondered the same as Sheila - was that you, or a stock photo. It's fun to see what you look like, and I thought that it was a great photo. Thanks so much for mentioning me in the interview! I was honored to be included.

And no, the template doesn't make you look fat. Really.

Anonymous said...

Found your blog thanks to SLJ. And I love your sense of humor! So you have a new reader. I will add you to my Bloglines now and catch you again next time!

Kelly said...

Hey, you rock, MR. No need for a moniker. You'll do just fine as your own true self :) Have a great vacation!

Franki said...

Speaking of the 48 hour challenge, do you plan to have another one? I missed the last one--I discovered your wonderful blog a day too late! The 48 hour book challenge sounds too fun but not as fun to do alone. So, let us know if you are planning one again. With the interview in SLJ, imagine how many people would join in!

And the blog looks great!