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Stop the Muffin Madness

An Open Letter to Betty Crocker, Since Their Comment Feature Is Currently Unavailable

I thought I had gotten used to the new packaging conventions, whereby companies short-change consumers by putting less actual product in the boxes/bags. But your 6.5-ounce muffins packs are a new low. Why? Because they make five muffins. Five. Not six, which one would assume is the standard — as it has been for years. Five, which you won’t realize until you read the directions.

Now, I am generally out of the baking loop. I suppose it is possible that new five-cup muffin tins are in vogue. But if that is indeed the case then why does the stupid, tiny picture of the muffin tin on the back show SIX MUFFINS?

Would it kill you to put the appropriate amount of muffin mix in the bag — which I am guessing would bring it up to the standard eight ounces — and maybe forgo a little bit of profit? Or even raise the price if you are so inclined, but stop this muffin madness.

A Ticked-Off Consumer
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Bkbuds said...

You go, girl! I use muffin mixes a lot too, but they generally come from Trader Joe's because I'm allergic to a lot of ingredients and additives in Betty Crocker. Boo, Betty! Hissss!

Daniel said...

I'm not particularly a devotee of mixes, but agree that this is a little bit ridiculous. It's right up there with restaurants that send out a basket of four rolls for three people.

Anonymous said...

That is unbelievably annoying. I bought some muffin mix recently, but haven't made the muffins, so I'll have to check it out.

Also, don't hot dogs and hot dog buns come with a different amount in their packages? What's up with that?