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Let’s Hear It For the Banned Books Posts!

I didn’t even ban a book this week. I feel like such a failure.

I did read — okay, skim — Judy’s Blume’s Forever..., and have to say that it was pretty honest about sex. Much more honest then I remembered it being. It’s funny how it seems so much more alarming to read about a accurate portrayal of a beginning intimate relationship then to read a book about “burning loins.” Or Gossip Girl books. It seems much more real, and — I gather — that is why it becomes so challenged as a book.

I saw some great posts out there, even if I didn’t do much myself. Semicolon did a controversial post regarding whether there truly are any banned books in this United of America. Outside a Cat challenged us all to read a banned book this week. Liz gave us some more perspective on the topic from the front lines of the library. And I generally rely on Bookshelves of Doom for all the latest in book-banning news.

But the winner of the week (if we can call it such a thing) was Finding Wonderland, who approached each day with a new and interesting post on the topic. If you haven’t been there, please give them a look-see.

And now I am off to my high school reunion, having just left the National Book Festival. Where I chatted with my good friend Mo — along with his wife and daughter. Wish I had more time to write about it. Guess you’ll have to wait until Monday.
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Liz B said...

I just finished reading Forever, and I'm not sure if I'm going to post about it. I didn't recall there being so much sex; but that either means (a) I was too young when I read it so it didn't register; or (b) I'd already read it in various adult books so it didn't register.

Overall, tho, I was disappointed; Judy Blume just doesn't hold up to me as an adult rereading. I felt that Katherine had no personality, I couldn't stand Michael, and I closed the book thinking "meh." Oh, and I was a bit impressed at how many orgasms Katherine had. Oh, and I felt old when I realized I was the same age as Kath's mother.

From a banning perspective: it's more realistic than any adult romance; and if a kid is old enough to read it, they are also reading things that are just as explicit, if not more so. I tend to think JB gets challenged because so many people don't accept that she writes the Fudge books and teen books.

Adam said...

Banned book week, for me, was nostalgic. All I did was blog about how much my literary life used to suck because of banned books.

Oh, and I delved into Catch-22 a bit. Skimmed would be the proper word. ;)

Anonymous said...

Cool links, thanks for posting them!

Here are some more Banned Books Week musings from my blog:




Loree Burns

tanita✿davis said...

Wow, thanks for the link to our site! I think all that blogging was cathartic...