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What I Did On My Summer Vacation

Lately, I’ve enjoyed reading the new blog, Buried in the Slush Pile, of a children’s book editor. I dream that one day my manuscript will be in that pile. But if isn’t my time yet, maybe it will be my daughter’s day in the sun.

On the Buried Editor’s site is a contest for kids to win the new book from her publisher. The child just needs to write a paragraph about what they did on their summer vacation and email it... well, tomorrow. You know, at the latest.

Can you make your kids do it tonight? For homework tomorrow? I’m going to strong-arm my fifth grader (especially considering her “I Wonder Why... Automatic Paper Towel Dispensers Hate Me” essay), and I expect no less from all of you. You have approximately 24 hours. Just like that show. What is its name...?
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