105 Ways to Give a Book

Give A Book

Sometimes I think we book lovers hesitate to talk about buying books. We review great books. We make reading suggestions. We promote literacy and the joy of reading for pleasure. But we don’t come out and say, “Buy a book.” Maybe it seems crass. Maybe it’s our love and support of the public library system. Maybe it’s just that books and reading seem too pure for commercialism. And maybe that’s partially why DVDs and video games get all the Christmas hype and glamour.

Alan Silberberg, author of the great and funny book Pond Scum, says it best in his cartoon video. Books make great gifts.

For my small part in promoting books as presents, I’ve completed my MotherReader Suggests column under my blogroll. It lists all the funny books that I profiled in articles for The Edge of the Forest and some extra choices for adults. If you’re struggling to finish a shopping list, they’re all fun books — nothing educational or dismal or heavy. Let me disclose that I, like many other bloggers that link to Amazon, make a six percent referral fee from any purchase you make at Amazon if you go there from my site. It’s not much, but this month I bought myself this and this with my first gift card. So thanks.

As for my purchases, I’ve bought a fair number of books as gifts, along with the Roboraptor for the kids. Or me — we’ll see who really plays with it more.


Anonymous said...

The links to Amazon don't seem to be working atm, though maybe it's just me?

'Give a Book'. Truer words!

MotherReader said...

Thanks for the heads-up on the links. I fixed it - a statement that astounds me.

Little Willow said...

Ooh, I like the list.

SilberBook-Blog said...

Thanks for the mention - and your list is great!

Books Make Great Gifts!