105 Ways to Give a Book

Woe Is Not So Much Me Anymore

Today, a new perspective, because I generally don’t stay down for long.

If my mother, brother, and niece aren’t coming for Christmas — bad thing number one — then I don’t really have to worry if my house is clean — bad thing number two — meaning that two negatives cancel each other out. My maternity cargo pants are no worse than sweat pants, and they look better. Perhaps the oddly wide elastic waistband should have tipped me off when I was trying them on, but it’s not like they have a tummy pouch, so I can stand by my error in buying them and enjoy them without guilt. I am still a little down that blogs seem to be un-linking me, but that will just inspire me to do something exciting in late January. Maybe a contest of some sort.

And of course, I am cheered by the restored equilibrium between me and Mo. We have a relationship of sorts. I semi-stalk him online and in person, and he doesn’t have a personal restraining order issued. There’s a comfort in it. And now that he’s actually commented here, we are that much closer to being BFF — best friends forever. Especially after I gave him his own category in my blogroll.

Oh, and thanks to my husband, I’m now on beta Blogger. I’m not even sure what that means, but I’m hoping that I’ll be able to comment on my blogfriends’ sites again without using the “anonymous” button — which has been slightly humiliating.

I am proud of my Twenty-One Ways to Give a Book and my Twenty-One More Ways to Give a Book, because with my knowledge of books and my love of shopping, I can contribute something unique. I’ll move the links over to my template for permanent reference.

Today I’ll celebrate Hanukkah with my aunt, cousins, and my cousins’ four kids. We exchange presents for the kids, and I bought all of them books — commitment to the cause. We’ll eat lots of latkes and tons of sweets. I’ll give my ninety-five-year-old grandmother a calendar I made through Snapfish with pictures of my kids and my baby niece.

Thanks to my blogfriends for sending me uplifting comments. I’ll tell you, I love this blogging community. It makes me realize why I spend so much time online and so little time, say, cleaning my living room. Or buying better pants, even.


Greg Pincus said...

Busy is not so much me anymore, so I finally got back online and discovered that you'd been woed and then unwoed since my last visit, thus making me feel bad about your woe, feel bad about not being present to help in your times of woe, then feel bad again for not being Mo. In the future, if you could take a hiatus whenever I do, that'd be much appreciated so that I don't have to go on this rollercoaster. OK, OK, the truth is I feel bad cuz your 21 ways posts are so kick-ass, and I've posted nothing of use in days. Good stuff, MR!

Michele said...

I have just somewhat guiltily checked my BlogRoll, but you're there, so I don't feel so guilty. Sorry you're still somewhat woeful about the unlinking.

Bkbuds said...

I still link to you, m'dear! Sorry to hear of your woe. I had the woes too last week. Maybe it's seasonal, or a bug that's going around?

Chappy Chanukah. Hope the Latke Bunny leaves lots of greasy tracks around your house for you to not clean up.