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Another meme has come my way, and I’m knocking it out fast before anyone else in the kidlitosphere tags my choice taggies. This meme comes from A Chair, A Fireplace and a Tea Cozy, and simply asks us to name five non-kid-lit blogs we read.

Well, mine are listed right over there on the side, so this is easy. I’m not even going to use book or authors’ blogs at all, so there.
  • Suburban Turmoil: A stepmom to teenagers and mom to a preschooler and a brand-new baby makes every aspect of motherhood and parenting amusing.

  • Notes From the Trenches: A mom to bunch of kids handles life’s curveballs with humor and grace... Well, actually just more humor.

  • Laid-Off Dad: A cool dad in New York City raises his two boys and battles mice and crazy neighbors.

  • Hygiene Chronicles: A gay dad in DC shares custody of his son with his other mothers and keeps things light and funny in his writing.

  • Defective Yeti: A dad but not a daddy blogger; his writing covers literature, games, news, and his own clever turns of phrase. My new favorite: Damn it — I’m still writing “Fourth Year of the Iraq War” on my checks.
Now I get to tag five people to do the same meme, and I’m working up the kid-lit blogs from the bottom. (You should know that when I go through my blogroll, sometimes I start from the top and sometimes the bottom, just to be fair). So your favorite non-kid-lit blogs, Year of Reading, Wrung Sponge, What Adrienne Thinks About That, Wands and Worlds, and Three Silly Chicks (they can pick six blogs, two for each chick).
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Andromeda Jazmon said...

Oooo! This is my favorite meme of the day! What a way to enjoy lateral drift. I was just thinking this morning of how great it is to discover a whole new corner of the blogosphere, and wondering what new thing I haven't found yet that I will be totally into by next year. Somehow I got there from thinking back over Poetry Friday, and trying to remember where I first saw that last spring. I was trying to remember how I found the blogs I love today, and reverse map my blogroll. Is that possible?

I read mine from top to bottom and then the next day bottom to top too, BTW. Every once in a while I do it completely randomly or by the most unread posts, just to mix it up... It is so hard to keep up!

Anonymous said...

My oh-so-abbreviated list is up. :)

Unknown said...

Thanks for tagging me! My list is up now.