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Time-Out, T-Shirt Tuesday

Books Are Good For YouTime-Out Tuesday brings you this lovely offering from Threadless, where for a limited time, many T-shirts are ten bucks. For a tenner, I’ll probably pick up this shirt, even though I’m not fond of yellow. I’m very interested in another shirt emblazed with the simple phrase, “I’m a Noun!” Unfortunately, the haiku shirt is not available at this time, but they have many other hip styles, including the literary “Shakespeare hates your emo poems.”


Anonymous said...

That would be a great one for my 12 year old who likes to eat paper! (Or - likes to try to shock people..heehee)

Love your blog - and your edge!!

tanita✿davis said...

OH! I want to shove that emo t-shirt down the craw of time to my junior high self!!! Hilarious!

Oh, and I meant to ask you about that haiku t-shirt; thanks for the link. I see so many great t-shirts at conferences I am pleased to find these.