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Blogroll Updating Month

Guess what? It’s Blogroll Updating Month!!!

Of course it makes sense that January would be the perfect month to check through your blogroll for sites that have changed addresses or stopped updating. You may need to remove blogs that seemed good or relevant at the time, but now that your tattoo/tango/tiramasu stage is over, it’s time to cut the connection.

There was a discussion recently on the kidlitosphere Yahoo group about blogroll etiquette. Namely, should someone ask to trade blogroll links with you? Let me say, for bloggers everywhere, that is simply Not Done.

If you want to be on someone’s blogroll, then the best course of action is to make yourself known to that blogger by commenting. You should also have that blog on your blogroll. That’s pretty much all you can do. Bloggers have different ways of handling their blogrolls, so you have to be respectful of that. Personally, I’m not adding blogs that don’t update several times a week. (Some less frequent updaters I keep on my bookmarks to check out occasionally.) Also, I generally don’t add blogs that don’t have my blog on their blogroll. A little self-centered, yes, but it works for me. I also have trouble adding blogs that have several unrelated topics, like books, knitting, karate, and motorcycles. Too confusing for my addled brain.

It’s good to keep in mind as you’re waiting to get noticed that bloggers, especially busy bloggers, tend to get lazy about updating their blogrolls. That’s why the yearly reminder of Blogroll Updating Month is so important to us all.

(Okay, I made up Blogroll Updating Month, but it’s still a good idea.)


Tricia said...

Okay, you are too funny. I'm glad you made it up, because I need to revisit my links. I have lots of stuff in my feed reader that is not on the blog.
Thanks for the reminder!

Mrs. Johnson said...

I love it! It is the added encouragement I need to add one to my blog. I have been blogging since the end of November and I have been meaning to do it. I think it is also on my To Do list for the week.

Kelly said...

Blogroll maintenance month is a great idea!

I've taken the easy way out. I have long, long lists now and will add anyone blogging in the kidlitosphere. But, I totally get the desire for a more focused blogroll.

Good luck cleaning house. Just don't clean me out :)

Jules at 7-Imp said...

Oh heavens, this just stresses me out, 'cause our blogroll . . . well, we gave up on it a good while ago. I think the links on the front page slow down the loading of the page for folks, and so I decided they needed to be deleted or moved to another page altogether, but have I done that? No. So, I've just ignored it, and I haven't updated our blogroll in for-frankin'-ever, even though I've started reading new blogs.

I know that's the best way to let someone know you care, but sheesh, I'm so behind. I might just delete it altogether. Very Bad, I know, but ah well.

Thanks for the reminder that I need to just make up my mind already -- either get rid of the whole thing or move it to a new page.

Jules, 7-Imp

Saints and Spinners said...

I for one was just thrilled to peaches when you added me to your blogroll, MR. I told everyone, "I've finally made it in the kidlitosphere!"

Tee hee.

Anastasia Suen said...

What a great idea! I need to update mine again - there are so many new blogs!

BTW - I moved my blogroll to my webpage ages ago. http://www.asuen.com/blog.central.html

(The author page is slow to load now so I may need to split that up alphabetically.)

Anonymous said...

What a good idea - I really should update. Particularly at Blogger, where I don't always remember to post. Silly me.

christine M said...

My blogrolls are sadly out of date. So now that you've issued your edict I have something else to add to my do-to list!

Jen Robinson said...

It is a good idea. I've actually had this as a task on my list for a week or so, but haven't found time to sit down and do it yet. But it is much needed. I have hundreds of links, and I know that some of them are dead (because I don't read from my blog roll, I read from a reader). Like Kelly, I tend to take a pretty open attitude about adding new blogs, but I do want to get rid of the ones that aren't updating.

Deb Cushman said...

Thanks for the reminder! I usually click through my blogroll at least twice a month and leave comments where appropriate, but recently spent some time looking for new blogs to add. Quite eye-opening!

Susan Kusel said...

Oh my goodness... I made it onto MR's blogroll. You're right, Alkelda, I'm thrilled to peaches.

Thanks for the blogroll update reminder.

Lindsey said...

I'm pretty picky about my blogroll, but thanks for the tips!

Anonymous said...
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