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Illness Update

So, my daughter’s fever turned into a nasty cold. An odd turn of illness in my book, but now I hear the same thing is going around. (“Oh, the one-day fever with the cough and sniffles! My husband had that!”) I love how we moms categorize these different illnesses and then spread the message far and wide, so that the next unsuspecting mom will have a clue. My girl felt decent over the weekend — kids do better with colds than adults do — but we certainly couldn’t have made our trip. Fortunately, no one else picked it up (knock on wood).

With absolutely no plans to our four-day weekend caused by teacher workdays, I cleaned the house. Actually, on Friday I moped around a lot, read some, and cried a tiny bit. But Saturday, Sunday, and Monday I was working like a dog. A dog with an obsessive-compulsive habit and poor organizational skills.

Honestly, I try to attack the clutter, but I’ll spin my wheels doing stupid things. Like making sure that all the Barbie dolls were in separate bins according to their princess status. Or taking the time to pull the broken furniture out of the dollhouse. I was a notch away from making sure all the Polly Pockets were dressed in stylish outfits before putting them away. I’m so bad at cleaning up. I’m a greeeat wheel-spinner. So with three dedicated days to house cleaning, there are still rooms — majorly used rooms — that aren’t good. Not good at all. Which is so depressing, I can’t even tell you.

On the positive side, we did take care of some important tasks and we did stay healthy (knock on wood). And I did read a couple of books and spend time with my family. Later I’ll talk about books, but I wanted to post an update in case my blogger friends worried that I got sucked under with the flu.


Sara said...

"A dog with an obsessive-compulsive habit and poor organizational skills." LOL. Sorry to be laughing at you, but that's just too funny.

Glad to hear sickness hasn't taken over at your place.

Robin Brande said...

Like making sure that all the Barbie dolls were in separate bins according to their princess status.

This is the sweetest thing ever. I hope you did that while wearing comfie pajamas, because that's a total girl activity.

So sorry you've been down in the dumps, Mother Reader. Hope you're treating yourself to some little luxuries like bubble baths and chick flicks.

Kelly said...

Glad to hear you're all okay, MR!!


Vivian Mahoney said...

I have to ask--Were you able to find all the outfits to dress the Polly Pockets or did things get sucked into the vacuum cleaner?

Hope your daughter is better soon. Take care of yourself!

MotherReader said...

Thanks for the love friends. And Hip, to suck the Polly Pocket clothes up the vacuum cleaner, one would have to occasionally run the vacuum cleaner. What can I say, it's a bold move born of laziness.