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Poetry Friday: Toys Song as Poetry

First of all, and non-kidlit-related, OBAMA! There, had to be said.

Next, the poetry for Poetry Friday is hosted this week by A Year of Reading. Once again, I bring you song as poetry. I think of this one from Toys every New Year:
If I cannot bring you comfort
Then at least I bring you hope
For nothing is more precious
Than the time we have and so
We all must learn from small misfortune
Count the blessings that are real
Let the bells ring out for Christmas
At the closing of the year
Let the bells ring out for Christmas
At the closing of the year.
Now, I’ve been enjoying the posts popping up all over regarding the thoughts, resolutions, and goals for the new year. I loved Sara Lewis Holmes’ theme of The Year of Once (Upon a Time). In fact, I printed it and taped it on my desk at work. I dug deep to see myself in Robin Brande’s Year of Independent Thinking and Laura Salas’ Year of Losing Control. But the best I could come up with for a theme is The Year of No Plastic Spoons at Work, which doesn’t particularly inspire.

As it turns out, I had a rather stressful holiday week. Don’t worry, both I and the immediate family are fine. Really. But there was a lot of emotional turmoil from the extended family that I soak up like the Bounty quicker-picker-upper. We spent the first five days of vacation involved in various visits, meals, and gift exchanges with Bill’s family, where there were lots of last minute schedule changes and “issues” that kept it all lively. You know, where lively means stomach-churning.

Then we spent the next four days hosting my family, including my busy — but delightful — toddler niece. Oh, and did I mention that there was a visit to my actual messy house from my ninety-six-year-old Grandma? You’ve got to at least try to clean up for Grandma. Oh, and just as I needed to do the Cybils judging with my fellow panelists, my husband was taking my mother to the urgent care center for an infection that was coming back with a bullet. Which kept my mom here for another day — and as I was trying to open up some communication among us, I ended up causing a big blow-up where the actual phrase “If I died tomorrow...” was uttered. Fortunately, my brother had the quickness to reply, “Tomorrow’s really not good for me.” Gotta love family getting together for the holidays.

At least I got a notebook computer, or I’d have to call the whole thing a wash.

So, if you’ve read this far — and bless you if you did — I’m giving myself the weekend before I start the new year. And I’m telling anyone else who needs a mother’s permission to take the extra time as well. It’s my New Year’s gift to you. I have to admit to myself that I need some quieter time to reflect before I can arrive at a soul-centering theme or goal or resolution. Or even to decide not to arrive at a soul-centering theme or goal or resolution. In which case, The Year of No Plastic Spoons at Work stands.


Mary Lee said...

Thanks, "mom." I think I'll take you up on the extra bit of time. No theme of greater magnitude than plastic spoons is emerging for me, either.

tanita✿davis said...

I had nothing better than the spoons 'til I read this poem -- and thought, "Yeah. That's it. Never forget what I can do."

Here's to a year of being yourself: button, pulley, or shoe - doing the things that only you can do.

Anonymous said...

OK, first of all, Obama.
Second of all, I love the sweetness of that poem.
Third of all, SHEESH, sister, what a holiday. Family is so, um, overwhelming sometimes. In the good and the bad.
And fourth of all, no plastic spoons is good. Solid. Do-able.
Have a quiet weekend...

Anonymous said...

No more plastic spoons EVER!!!!!! Not nearly as menacing as hangers, but fun to holler nonetheless.

I think waiting to start the new year is a fine idea. And thanks for the poem/song.

Sara said...

Actually, I adore "No Plastic Spoons at Work." It sums up so perfectly how all that we hope for collides with what we are actually capable of doing on some days. And if you really want to go full-blown, kick-ass metaphorical, being authentic in your work, whatever you choose you work at, is a worthy, worthy goal.

Where are the "No Plastic Spoons" T-shirts????

P.S. I heart your brother.

Jenny said...

Your brother is brilliant. That he could manage that on the spot impresses me to no end. Hope things settle down.

Anonymous said...

Feeling for you, MR. You have earned a long quiet weekend, interrupted only by footrubs and cups of high-quality cocoa. But if you're using a metal spoon, which I know you are, remember that those things get really hot.

Happy new year on Monday.

Rebecca Stead

Jen Robinson said...

Thanks for permission to wait to start the new year for a few days. I've been sick for about a week, and am off to a slow start in terms of the New Year, too. Congrats on the new laptop, though, and on having a witty brother. That can help a lot (I have a witty brother who helps in certain situations, too). I hope you have a relaxing weekend, Pam.

Anonymous said...

I find that quality time with more than, say, three or four family members requires an equal amount of decompression time. I just plan it right in. It's not that I don't love these people; they're just kind of intense in quantity, you know?

Vivian Mahoney said...

Family get togethers are stressful enough as it is, and to add illness to the equation...that plain bites. But your brother. Gotta be thankful for witty.

Here's to some peace and time with your new notebook.

And yay! Obama!

Jules at 7-Imp said...

Sorry about the stress, and esp. to hear it was while we were shortlist-deliberating. At least we managed to get it done, and I hope you have a restful, quiet weekend.

Jules, 7-Imp

Camille said...

I'm taking Entling No. 2 back to college tomorrow. Then, Christmas will finally be over and my New Year can start. It is taking me quite a while to get in gear this new year.

MotherReader said...

Thanks for all the comments and support. I had a brief uplifting hour today, but I'm slightly ashamed to say it was because the Christmas merchandise was now 90% off at Target.

Hopefully a quiet day at work and then a quiet day at home will help. Thanks for the love.

Greg Pincus said...

The truth is that you can't spell "Christmas and New Years" without "stress". No, really. Take away those letters and you've got "Chitma and Nw Year" and who celebrates that?

But now those are past, and you're moving forward. And may you have a year full of plastic cutlery wherever and whenever you want it. AND MORE!

laurasalas said...

Thanks for the good laugh, but sorry for your stress. If you need a smile, consider this: my mom-in-law, who is a lovely, wonderful woman, but dangerously crafty, has made lace/floral fans out of plastic forks. That's right. Plastic forks. Perhaps forks, spoons, and yes, even--or especially--sporks.

And, hooboy on the family stress. There are many holidays when I (somewhat guiltily) think: Thank God my family lives 1500 miles away. Enjoy a calm weekend!

Julie said...

I can see why you might like another weekend at home next week, but it would be great to see you again in Philly, if you are up to it!