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Off-Topic and Then On-Topic Again in Two Videos, Neither of Which Is My Own

When I heard that John Edwards was dropping out of the Democratic primaries, I felt a little bad. I love Obama, but I like Edwards, and I’m sorry to lose his voice in this part of the process. But Clinton and Obama are certainly sucking all the oxygen to feed their brightly burning stars, and let’s face it, Edwards can’t debate hooked up to an oxygen tank.

When I heard that Giuliani was dropping out of the race, I could only think of one thing, and that is John Green’s “Ten Questions for Giuliani Supporters.” It’s one of my favorite Brotherhood 2.0 video segments, and I’ve embedded it here (I hope) for your viewing pleasure. (Continue watching for the Zombies vs. Unicorns debate, one of the most controversial issues of our time.)

Now on the topic of books, but staying with John Green and his videos. Apparently there’s a book banning issue with Looking for Alaska at a school in New York. John talks about the issues very well, including why he used the “pornographic” scene in his book as a deliberate writing tool. The case in question is particularly infuriating because the parents objecting to the book being taught aren’t even the parents of the kids to whom it is being taught. Oh, and the parents and kids in that English class had the option of being taught a different book if they objected to Green’s book. I’m sorry — John explains it better and funnier. Enjoy and respond if you are so moved.


Unknown said...

Funny, I had a video response to Giuliani dropping out too. All I could think of was that scene in "Ghostbusters":

"I'm going to send YOU a nice fruit basket," says Bill Murray to Walter Peck, as Peck is forcibly ejected from the mayor's office. "I'm gonna MISS him..!"

Melissa said...

#10. Rudy Giuliani. Huh?

Cracked me up.

Kelly said...

I caucused for Edwards. I'll miss him. He kept the race to the left, which was sorely needed. I'm afraid now, that Obama and Clinton will move closer to the center because Edwards is out.

Oh well, it was time, I suppose. And I do think both Obama and Clinton are good candidates with nearly identical policies, so I'll be happy with either.

Robin Brande said...

Hey, I just posted about the ban, too! We're anti-ban sisters!

I hadn't seen the first video clip, though. Thanks for posting that!

Anonymous said...

zombified unicorns, YES! John Green couldn't be more enjoyable.

Anonymous said...
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