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Poetry Friday: Seven Calls

I wanted to find a poem that expressed my crushing disappointment in this upcoming weekend, but since I couldn’t find one, I had to write one. Is this how all this writing stuff starts?

Seven Calls

One to the friend who used to be like a sister,
but has pulled away little by little,
but now as a mother, maybe a chance to
One to the cousin with the most golden hair
who used to embody an ideal of perfection
and now is a mother of two lovely girls
like me.
One to the aunt who exists in memories
of summer as a child during vacations
at the seashore, in two houses or in one
all together.
One to the actor, also a cousin
and once in those same summers,
an almost could-have-been
best friend.
One to the vet who keeps the cat
who is too sick to stay home alone
but needs care and shots,
every day.
One to the neighbor to feed the cats
left at home with two litter boxes,
two bowls of water and food, and
each other.
One to the mother to let her know
the plans to visit family, to pass on good wishes
and a promise of a call when the weekend
is over.

One child
One restless night
One thermometer
One high fever
One dose of Motrin
One moment of realization
One wave of disappointment.

Seven more calls.

Poetry Friday round-up is at Mentor Texts and More. Enjoy the poetry variety show as I try to recover some aspect of my weekend. Boo-hoo.


Anonymous said...

There you go, MR! Stay well yourself, ya hear?

Jules at 7-Imp said...

Sorry, man. I echo Susan's wish that you stay well, too.

Jules, 7-Imp

Jenny said...

Absolutely beautiful. I hope this is how all this writing stuff starts!

Sara said...

"but since I couldn't find one, I had to write one. Is this how it all this writing stuff starts?"

Yup. I wish there were no fevers involved, but still...you answered the call today, MR.

tanita✿davis said...

Ah, snap.
It's going around, isn't it?
But who else but you could put it into poetry?

Anonymous said...

Oh dear. Sorry about the sick kid . . .

jama said...

First last week's cento, and now this! I think you must be a closet poet. Bravo!

Stay well,sorry about the sick child and your disappointment.

Little Willow said...


Okay, the cat-vet part made me whimper.

Vivian Mahoney said...

Hey, are you sure you're not a poet? This is good.

Hope your little one is better now, you all keep healthy, and you have a chance to reconnect to old family and friends. It'll get better soon!

Robin Brande said...

You wrote that?! Woo-hoo, Mother Reader! Awesome!

Except for the part where it's based on real life. Sorry about that.

Camille said...

Oh no,I hope it's not "the other flu." We went through it right after the holidays. I'm could write an "Ode to TamiFlu."

I hope everyone else stays well and she gets better soon.

laurasalas said...

Wonderful poem. It connected with me completely. Sorry you missed your weekend:>/