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Third Annual 48 Hour Book Challenge: More Prizes

I used the Random Integer Generator to pick four “door prize” winners from my list of participants. These winners will all received a personally signed book (hopefully) best matched from our generous donating authors. The winners are:
Thanks for participating in this year’s 48 Hour Book Challenge!

I’ve been torn the last couple of days between wanting to publicize the prizes from the donating authors and wanting to let the winners be surprised. As always, with these decisions, I stall until I follow the path of least resistance by default — in this case NOT talking about the donated books. But that feels Wrong. So I’m going to talk about some prizes now and winners of those prizes are welcome to look away... like, now.

I haven’t made any secret of the Attack of Literacy T-shirts donated by Threadless that will go to both first prize winners. (BTW, the Haiku shirt has been reprinted and is on sale today.) So I have no conflict talking about that. Adam Rex will sign and doodle on his fantastic book The Truth About Smekday. Julia Durango contributed signed copies of the lovely picture book Angels Watching Over Me. Barry Lyga covers YA in the prize package with ARCs of his new book, Hero-Type.

Mitali Perkins is personalizing signatures in her two First Daughter books — and offers a picnic lunch in Boston. Barbara Kerley is signing What to Do About Alice? and Kelly Bingham is signing Shark Girl. Gail Gauthier is contributing her new book A Girl, A Boy and Three Robbers, Kirby Larson has Hattie Big Sky, Jen Funk Weber brings us the nonfiction Clueless About Alaska, Tanita Davis is sending out A la Carte, and Carla Sarratt has Freshman Focus.

The prize packages will have many book-related goodies, not all of which I will describe, but I will thank HipWriterMama for sending a lovely bead bracelet, Finding Wonderland for a handmade blank journal, Biblio File for an Amazon gift card (that I used to buy book-related trinkets for the packages), and Midwestern Lodestar for a very nice box full of book accessories. Wizard Wireless combed her shop for a little signed somethin’ somethin’. I’m adding bits to the pile, including my world-famous (not really) paper bead bracelets and some other signed books.

I won’t get the prizes sent until after June 14th. I’ve still got one more week of madness of school/work/life. So, if you’re trying to get something to me, you’ve got time. I still would love an original sketch/doodle/painting that the winners could put in the 5x7 frame I have waiting. Just askin’. Email me at motherreader AT gmail DOT com if you could help out with this, my gentle and oft-repeated request.

Winners, also email me with your name/address, type of book you’d prefer (early chapter book, middle-grade, YA), and the name you’d like it signed to. (I’m planning to contact you winners, but if we both try to contact each other, there’s a much better chance of it happening — especially since I don’t have all of your email addresses.)

Thanks to everyone who donated prizes for the 48 Hour Book Challenge! I couldn’t do this contest without your support. Because, really, who in their right mind would read for forty-two hours if my prizes were my paper bead bracelets and a recording of me singing “Ice, Ice, Baby”?

(Why “Ice, Ice, Baby?” Because the air conditioner is fixed! My head is feeling clearer already, and I can take the ice pack out of the hamster cage. Life is good again.)


Kristi said...

Wow, I'm a winner! I never win anything! Who should I thank first?

Seriously, thanks so much for doing this. I had a lot of fun, read some great books, and got some awesome ideas for what next to read from other participants. I'll definitely play again next year.

Jennie said...

YAY for air-conditioning!!!!

One of our branch libraries has been closed for 2 days due to lack of AC.

It's insane out there. I can't believe that tomorrow's high of 85 sounds nice and cool!

Little Willow said...

I have no air conditioning.
I have performed to Ice, Ice, Baby.
I only speak the truth.

Unknown said...

Are you kidding? If I COULD participate, I would, and it wouldn't be because of the prizes. It's because it's a great idea!

Thanks for thinkin' of it, and thanks for hosting.