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Winners... Um, Oops?

Okay, I checked and checked, but I clearly should have checked again, because I missed something important. We have a tie for second place! Carla blogging at Keeping Up With Carla also read for 30 hours, stacking up 11 books and 2245 pages!

I’m going to edit the original winners’ post so that it is correct for the sake of posterity. I apologize for the mistake. I could swear when I looked at the post it didn’t have the total of hours, because I wrote it down that way. And then when I saw Carla check in, I forgot to go back and check her post, thinking that I had already done so. It’s good that my husband/editor/contest coordinator has got my back.

Of course I could blame the heat, since we lost our air conditioning on Sunday and it’s approximately ninety degrees in the actual house. We’ve been sleeping downstairs, which is almost tolerable at night. It’s been so hot, I’ve been putting a small ice pack inside the hamster’s cage, afraid that she’ll die of heatstroke. She’s got all that fur! Here’s the kicker: I’ve got an inside person in this air conditioning biz, but he couldn’t reach me Sunday or Monday because my phone was always busy with calls from the campaigns of the two Democratic primary contestants for Congress. We must have gotten twenty calls a day!

You know what? If my phone line hadn’t been tied up, my cousin could have reached me, and we would have had air conditioning and I would have been clear-headed enough not to make any mistakes. Let’s blame Leslie Byrne and Gerry Connolly.

(See, that’s how the politicians do it.)

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