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Poetry Friday: Summer Days

I’ve looked through my files, and I don’t have anything that’s right for Poetry Friday, hosted today at Biblio File. However, as I was playing around in my archives looking for the beach books, I stumbled on this poem that I pulled together last year with your help. It was a contest where you readers had to list one summer pleasure in the comments, but then clever me, I turned them into a poem. Actually, two poems — this is the second one.
Summer Day

Getting up early,
Before anyone else is awake,
And weeding the garden as the sun rises.
Enjoying the luxury of a second breakfast
Of just-made blueberry muffins.
Kids on the patio
Knowing there is no reason
to rush off
Unless it is to have
an adventure.
Walking at the edge of the ocean
Collecting interesting
Sharks’ teeth
And looking out over
The breathtaking sea.
Wearing flip-flops or
Going barefoot.
Eating crabs on the back porch
Or popsicles under a shady tree.
Buying the sweetest strawberries.
Or picking them from a patch.
Every choice, every option
a pure delight.
Listening to crickets
and the songs of tree frogs
as the night falls.
Staying out past bedtime
Catching fireflies in glass jars
And then
At the very close of the day
Setting them free.
I’m ready for my summer days to begin. Even though I’ve been to the beach and the pool, even though we had an intense heat wave and several thunderstorms, I’m not in summer mode. I’m still playing catch-up from the end of the school year and my mother’s visit and even the 48 Hour Book Challenge.

I’m hoping to turn the corner this weekend as my new library branch has its grand opening on Saturday, and I have my first totally free, no-obligation day on Sunday. Then it’s day camp for the girls, and the first meeting of the summer book club with my Girl Scouts. Don’t forget to join us on Wednesday, July 2nd, to discuss Shug, by Jenny Han. Followed by a bonus author interview! We’ll be snacking on cherry popsicles here, and I might suggest you do the same. After all, it’s summer.


Karen said...

Love the poem -- total essence of summer for me!!

Kelly said...

Go summer! I hope your summer corner turns soon. Summer is too good to miss :)_

Anonymous said...

I hope you get some fun time this summer.

Andromeda Jazmon said...

I remember this poem. You did such a wonderful job of capturing the flow of everyone's ideas! I wish for you a long, slow day on Sunday my friend.

Jennie said...

Oh, I love it. That captures it perfectly!