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Poetry Friday: Summer Poem II, Summer Contest Results

Last week I combined the answers to my Summer Contest in one poem. Since then, I've received more entries which you'll find pulled together in today's poem. I'm also naming the winner of the contest, but first...
Summer Day

Getting up early,
Before anyone else is awake,
And weeding the garden as the sun rises.
Enjoying the luxury of a second breakfast
Of just-made blueberry muffins.
Kids on the patio
Knowing there is no reason
to rush off
Unless it is to have
an adventure.
Walking at the edge of the ocean
Collecting interesting
Sharks’ teeth
And looking out over
The breathtaking sea.
Wearing flip-flops or
Going barefoot.
Eating crabs on the back porch
Or popsicles under a shady tree.
Buying the sweetest strawberries.
Or picking them from a patch.
Every choice, every option
a pure delight.
Listening to crickets
and the songs of tree frogs
as the night falls.
Staying out past bedtime
Catching fireflies in glass jars
And then
At the very close of the day
Setting them free.
Thanks again to everyone for their summer suggestions which led to my foray into original poetry. The winner of the signed book Cassie Was Here is Charlotte of Charlotte's Library! Congratulations and enjoy!


Andromeda Jazmon said...

You have done such a lovely job of bringing all these delights together! Thanks for weaving us all into your summer poem. Congratulations Charlotte!

tanita✿davis said...

TRULY, I second the emotion. This is SO beautiful and whimsical.

And makes you want everyone's summer to last and last.

Cheers, Charlotte!

Charlotte said...

Thanks Mother Reader! I'm tickled pink! I liked the poem too. If you could email me at charlotteslibrary@gmail.com, I can give you my address.

I hope your Harry Pottering is going well!

thanks again,