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Tell An Author You Care: Part II

Okay, so I got a little distracted. Sue me.

Anyway, I’ve done some good work with Tell An Author You Care... uh, Day. Except for like the day part.
  1. I wrote a snail mail letter to Barbara Park with a copy of my article about the glory of Junie B. Jones for young (and older) readers. I’ve been trying to find somewhere reasonably direct to send it, but I guess I’m giving up and going with Random House in general. Wish my letter luck in finding her! If I’m telling any authors that I care, that’s for me to know and you to find out.

  2. I wrote, by somewhat copying my MotherReader posts, Amazon reviews for The Thing About Georgie and Clementine. I chose these two books because I bought them for the girls’ teachers, and so I got an email from Amazon asking for a customer review. Seemed timely and goes right into the next step.

  3. In some way, I feel that I fulfilled this option by purchasing two great books to give to two great classroom teachers. But just to cover myself, I also preordered the new Harry Potter for my husband. Yes, my husband, because he’s more anxiously awaiting it than I am.

  4. I’m still working on the author profile aspect; almost there. Hopefully tomorrow.
Oh, and in relation to my third thing above — you know, about how the Harry Potter book is more for my husband than me? Well, I’ve done something wacky and decided to read all the old HP books again before reading the new one. Now, lots of people have been rereading, but I suspect most of them started before, say, Tuesday. With a full work day tomorrow, and four more looooong books to go, things don’t look good. But I suspect that my obsessive personality will force me to stick to it.

Why, oh why can’t this stick-to-it thing work with exercising? Oh right, because I hate to sweat, but I loves to read.


Lisa Graff said...

Aw, thanks! That's an awful nice review you left me. :)

I vowed to re-read the HP's, too, by the way. I started about two months ago. And I am now ... halfway through Book #2. Yeah, not gonna make it. I have faith in YOU, though!

CindyD said...

Have you thought about listening to audio books while you exercise or walk (although I have to admit it doesn't work for me - I am a visual learner and have a hard time concentrating on audio tapes).

Caroline Hickey said...

Actually, Cindy, Lisa is listening to the audio. I know, because she lent me Harry Potter & Sorcerer's Stone when she was done! And I uploaded to my iPod and have been listening when I run. I LOVE IT!

But I, too, swore to reread all the books before le big finale and now it's too late.

Bill said...

MR also failed to mention that after her full day of work we're going to a Nationals game with my department (assuming it's not rained out). Then again, maybe she's planning to bring a book along...

tanita✿davis said...

Oh, bring a book, MR. It makes the game go faster!!

And good luck with the audio books while exercising. Sweating -- still nasty, even with the story going on, still a problem.

Anonymous said...

I started re-reading on Tuesday, too. I re-read book one. Now I'm moving to book 6, and will back up to 4 & 5 if I get the chance. If not, I'll roll with book 7 as soon as I get it, then reread the entire series from the start.

Little Willow said...

You're so sweet. And funny.