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Backing Out

Okay, so I was going to share some deep, existential thoughts on Potter that would challenge the core of your very being and force you to examine the way you perceive not only your view of children’s literature, but of life itself. But I’m backing out on that mission. The time doesn’t feel right.

Instead, I’ll direct you to my favorite spoiler of all time, this T-shirt from Threadless. In an artistic, and often vague way, it names some of the great spoilers. You know, like “Rosebud was the name of his sled.” There’s a Harry Potter reference right smack in the middle. I had to buy the shirt, even though I’m not sure if it’s totally cool or totally mean. The hubby and I will take turns wearing it and taking the heat.


Anonymous said...

But it missed one of the classics: "To Serve Man is a Cookbook!"

And hey, the spoiler is from Book 6, for Pete's sake. If folks haven't read it by now, it's on them (younger children aside, of course).

Jone said...

Hilarious!! I am looking for good literary tees to wear for "Tee shirt Tuesday", something I am trying to start at school this year.
You are invited to read this post.
It is one that I didn't feel could be posted with my school linked blog.

Jone said...

I pulled the post "Things that make you go hmm...". It was a post that I should have sat on for twenty four hours. It may go up some day but not today. It had to do with the futre of libraries on our district. For now, life is good, and our superintendent believes in them fully, as stated in an emial I received from him this morning.

Bill said...


There are a few more movie spoilers I would have liked to see, but I love the selection that's there. Hmm, what else would have been nice...?

"Harry Angel is Johnny Favourite (and Cyphre is the devil)."
"They all did it."
"The narrator is dead."
"Deckard's a replicant."
"She's her sister and her daughter."
"The falcon's a fake."
"John G. is already dead."
"Tom Farrell is Yuri."
"The whole sting is going according to plan."
"Quaid is really a spy for the Martian government."
"Dorothy's dreaming the whole thing."

Anyone recognize the references (or have other suggestions)?

ElsKushner said...

fatherreader, I think I've got four of them (will list out of order to minimize further spoilage): The Maltese Falcon, The Sting, The Wizard of Oz, and Murder on the Orient Express.

I feel like I should know the one where the narrator is dead, but it's just out of reach.

And in. re. the T-shirt: I knew it was the right choice for me to stop watching Donny Darko when I was alone at night that time!

Robin Brande said...

Aw, come on, Mother Reader, you can't wear that shirt! It's so mean! And yet very funny. But cruel!

Kelly, you're right about To Serve Man--wouldn't that just make the shirt?

Bill said...


Els, the four you've got are correct. Others (again, out of order -- good idea) are Memento, Total Recall, Blade Runner, Angel Heart, No Way Out, Chinatown, and American Beauty.

ElsKushner said...

Hah! I got the dead narrator one!

The others I haven't seen, so no hope there.