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Deathly Hallows Kidlitosphere Highlights

Many people were talking about Deathly Hallows this week, meaning that I was quite right to stay off the Internet. However, catching up has been a long process. Chiming in on posts a week late also feels rather lame — though I did it anyway. Here were some of the highlights for me found in the Kidlitosphere.

The “Welcome Back Potter” video cracked me up. Will the kids today get it? Probably not. Sigh.

I didn’t join the Potter parties, but I was glad to read about one at Book, Book, Book, and how fun to share in the excitement of Miss Erin at the midnight release, complete with a photo essay. Book Moot’s post about the magical quality of One World/One Book made me read the first chapter of book 7 on the release day. I wasn’t done with book 6 yet, but I wanted to be part of the day when everyone was reading one particular book.

I loved skimming back through the book following Interactive Reader’s commentary. Like reading along with a buddy.

I was ready to talk about it, or to hear what others were saying, but where to go? Thanks to Bookshelves of Doom who left her post spoiler-free, but opened the comments for everyone to share their thoughts.

For the shortest review, I turn to Emily Reads who then bestows her haiku crown (though let’s hope on loan only) to another Emily who has broken down the plot points of the book, yes, in haiku.

Two reviews I couldn’t live without seeing — after having read the book naturally — are from The Horn Book and the marvelous Fuse#8. Fusie goes spoiler-wild on hers, which I appreciate, as it gives us a chance to discuss the book. I mean, really, is anyone out there reading reviews of the seventh Harry Potter book to decide whether or not to read it?

After reading the 4,100 pages of the Harry Potter books in a week and change, I had to agree with the idea of more and better editing talked about here at The Longstockings. Also, you can catch a look at two Longstockings out on the town, decked out for the festivities.

Oh, and don’t forget that the book discussion will take place soon at Scholar’s Blog.

In other, unrelated news, I totally spaced on the latest Carnival of Children’s Literature, but you can catch it at Saints and Spinners. Also, only deeply interesting to me perhaps, but I’m a CamelCase. It’s true — read about it here.

Tomorrow, more Potter thoughts and I challenge your allegiance.


Anonymous said...

*GASP*... I haven't read it yet. Hubby finished it in a couple of days, but I'm having trouble finding the time to devote to it. I know once I start I won't want to stop. What with a 1 yr old and moving and all, I need to pay attention to the 'real' world. :)
Thanks for having NO SPOILERS!
I did enjoy my own 'one world/one book' experience though... we drove my inlaws to Union Station the day it came out, and while waiting for the train, noticed MANY people reading it... most were a hefty way through it too! Impressive.

Emy said...

MotherReader - there's a whole great section on Today/MSNBC about Harry Potter, which includes some recent interviews with Rowling that really fill in a lot of the blanks, I think.


I loved the book, and really, the whole series. Some of it's sad to the point of heartbreaking, but that's life. I've seen complaints that the last book dragged out one part way too long, but isn't that life too? Lots of boring details or what seems like filler until you get to the good stuff. Brilliant.

Andromeda Jazmon said...

Thanks for this round up. I loved the book but I have some nagging questions. I posted about it today.