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ABC Storytime: I is for...

The last few weeks have been a bust for ABC Storytime. There was the election, and the Comment Challenge, and the Winter Blog Blast Tour. If anyone was actually following this series to create your own ABC Storytime, man, I’m sorry. Let’s get back on track with...

The Letter I

Book: Ish, by Peter H. Reynolds

Book: Incredible Me! by Kathi Appelt

Book: An Island in the Sun, by Stella Blackstone

Book: My Name Is Not Isabella, by Jennifer Fosberry

Song: “The Waves on the Island” (This is the only perfect song for the letter I, other than ones about “me, myself, and I.”)
(to the tune of “The Wheels On the Bus”)

The waves on the island go up and down
Up and down, up and down
The waves on the island go up and down
All day long.

The crabs on the island crawl back and forth...
The clams on the island will open and shut...
the lobsters on the island go snap, snap, snap...

(Hand motions can follow the directions of the song.)
Alternate Books: Iggy Peck, Architect, by Andrea Beaty; Isla, by Arthur Doros; and Ice Cream Bear, by Jez Alborough.


Christine said...

For songs, there's always "Where is short i? Where is short I? Here I am. Here I am. It and pick and lipstick, thin and tin and nitwit. i, i, i" You can, of course substitute whatever short i words work for you. "Ish" is a great suggestion

Roger Sutton said...

And don't forget I, Claudius. ;-)