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Winter Blog Blast Tour II

Today is the second day of the Winter Blog Blast Tour and again no interview for MotherReader. (No soup for you!) No worries — my authors make their appearances on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday this week. I had planned on getting a book review up this morning, but I’ve been wandering around my house in an apathetic haze. I can’t seem to get motivated... or showered. So, I’m going to put my remaining energy into enforcing good personal hygiene, and hopefully I’ll get my mojo back later to share a book review.

For now, enjoy the next set of interviews in the WBBT. By the way, if you comment on all of the posts, you’ll pass your Comment Challenge goal for the day. Go to it:


Z-Kids said...

Hey Mother R

Heads up that your Miss Erin link is off...

All best! Z-Dad

Anonymous said...

I always post more than 5 comments a day on other blogs. But I'm crap on reporting, so there's that.

Hope you got a shower. I managed to get dressed, but skipped the shower phase. Maybe later. Or tomorrow.

I'm supposed to have interviews on the same days as you. I'm still hopeful that John Green will get me his answers. He has promised me faithfully in email and in person, and via a friend who prodded him for me in KC last night, but so far, I'm starting to see me with egg on my face. Ah well . . . That's what happens when you try to interview someone who's living out of a minivan, I suppose. (Although I did ask the questions before then. But hey.)

Kimbra Kasch said...

Thanks for making it EZ to meet the challenge.