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Israel and Hamas

I’m not going to get into this at any length, but I had to say that the best thing I’ve read on the conflict in Gaza is from KidsPost. It clearly lays out the history, the issues, and the conflict in a way that doesn’t make me feel like an idiot for not knowing everything.

Actually, the connection to reading children’s books just came to me. I think I’m spoiled by reading good children’s nonfiction, which explains things plainly and without preconceived notions of what the reader should already know.

Or maybe being submerged in children’s literature has reduced my reading level, thus making me unable to comprehend articles in The Washington Post intended for adults.

You know, one or the other.
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teacherninja said...

No, you're not an idiot. I agree that sometimes kids books are the best choice. When I worked in a bookstore I would occasionally have an adult who just wanted a basic overview of some scientific or historical issue. They didn't want to be an expert, just the equivalent of a well-written magazine article. If I thought it wouldn't bruise their ego, I'd take them to kids nonfiction and they were usually happy with a DK or Joy Hakim book or the like. Those are great books and it's easier to find the time to read one of them than a so-called adult book.

Unknown said...

I am almost always disappointed with books for grown-ups. It seems to me that writers of adult literature are too be busy trying to prove how smart they are to write interesting paragraphs.

Kids' books keep me from becoming totally disillusioned about reading.

Jen Robinson said...

I thought that was a very nice article. It made the issues clear, without talking down to anyone. I'm all for reading from whatever source happens to give the clearest picture of something.

morninglight mama said...

That was a fantastic article-- my third grader was asking me the other day (while NPR was on in the kitchen) what the whole ordeal was about, so thanks for posting this very timely article. He read it before dinner tonight, and we chatted a bit-- gotta love the Post!