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Ten Dollar Dreams

Along with my seventh grader’s cell phone (which she adores past all logic) and my fourth grader’s iPod shuffle (which she has barely removed from her person), the best gift the family received was the DVD of Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. We enjoyed watching the show again, but have been completely taken over by the musical commentary. The entire thing is sung, and none of it is actually commentary on what is happening on screen. It features songs like “Ninja Ropes,” about the game they all played on set, and “Better Than Neil,” in which Nathan Fillion describes all the ways he’s better than Neil Patrick Harris. But the song that keeps coming back to me is from Groupie #2, in which she pays the director to be on the musical commentary with her “Ten Dollar Solo.” I can’t get this part out of my head:
They say Hollywood is heartless
And only the strongest survives
But I like it plenty,
I gave Joss a twenty.
And got back a dream and two fives.
I love the last line. Totally perfect. It’s also about reaching dreams, which is on my mind in the new year. HipWriterMama started me on that path with my favorite quote, and then hooked me into her Thirty Day Challenge. I’m focusing on organizing. Not that I’m saying that my dream is finding matching socks without turning the house upside down, but it’s close.

My dream may run more in line with Robin Brande’s challenge, which encourages writers to, you know, write instead of over-thinking the writing or just thinking about writing. I’m not sure that her exact approach is for me, but I get the point. You have to work for it.

Going back to the line from “Ten Dollar Solo,” part of the appeal is the idea of a dream that comes easily. I could use that about now. For instance, I’ve written a picture book for preschoolers that’s lightly funny with a touch of wordplay, and it’s ready to find a publishing home. Interested? I’ll give you ten bucks.
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Sherrie Petersen said...

I'm guilty. I over think EVERYTHING!!

tim b said...

For all those interested in writerly - or any other creative - dreams, I can't make a better New Year's recommendation than the original cast album for the now( sadly)- closed Broadway musical [title of show].

It's the story of two guys writing a musical about writing a musical about writing a musical. I'm not normally a big fan either of Broadway musicals or of twee self-reference but [title of show] is irresistible.

The song "Die Vampire Die" is a particular anthem on the theme of overthinking, but iTunes the whole thing. You won't be sorry (unless you play it in front of the children since there's no shortage of NSFW language).

tanita✿davis said...

Happy New Year, and I wish you the very best with your book.

Anonymous said...

That's it - I simply MUST have that DVD. *adds it to list*

I overthink as well - who among us doesn't? All best for you and your book!

Anonymous said...

I got that DVD for Christmas too. The musical commentary sort of hit me upside the head in surprise. I wonder if it's on the cast album . . .

Vivian Mahoney said...

I need to watch this DVD. Dreams are good. Even the organizing ones. Though, I'd rather wish you good luck on the publishing one.

Here's to your book!