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Booklights Post and General Complaining

Today I have a Thursday Three post over at Booklights with some of my new — or newish — favorite picture books about cats. Take a look, add a book.

Fuse#8 finished the countdown of the Top Picture Books with no big surprises, but amazing commentary. Props to her for this extraordinary undertaking. I am in awe. She’s also setting up the Kid Lit Drink Night for Friday, May 29th, to accommodate folks coming to Book Expo America. Hey, that’s me! I’ll be there and hope to see some of you.

With book news done, you may want to leave now for Booklights or Fuse#8, because I’m about to complain about my day for no other reason than that I can.

So I wake up to hammering and realize that I’ll be enjoying that lovely sound all day because the church behind our house is getting extensive roof repairs. That’s going to help the headache I’ve already got going. Before I get out of bed, I can already feel the rain in the air. I’m most grateful, because with all of the rain we’ve had lately, there are still parts of our lawn not covered with mushrooms.

As I leave the bedroom, I see a series of trails familiar to pet owners. Because sometimes those cute little furry friends of ours have trouble getting... um, stuff off their precious bottoms, and to them carpet is like pet Charmin.

The kitchen is a mess, which is mostly my fault for completely ignoring it last night after getting home from work where I was shelving books because we didn’t have any pages. My dull headache seems to indicate strong barometric pressure changes, which is confirmed when I see that the weekend weather forecast is pictured with rain clouds. So the three days that I’ll be camping with the Girl Scouts are looking kind of dreary. Can’t wait for that fire building challenge!

Now, here I am at noon, typing on TextEdit because I can’t get Blogger to load. And that’s after I’ve struggled with the computer all morning to Do Things Faster. I still have two dozen things to get ready for the camping trip, which now includes buying quality rain gear and Advil.

Oh, and carpet cleaner. I’m going to need that now.

Here’s hoping for a better afternoon, because it’s too early to start drinking.


Bill said...

Hey, it's five o'clock somewhere...

Beth Kephart said...

I suggest a fantasy evening—far from your kitchen, in the company of your favorite peeps.

Jen Robinson said...

Hope your day got better, Pam. My peeve of the day is that there is something about me that apparently causes all hairdressers not to listen to a word I say, and cut my hair much too short. Sigh!

Should be 5:00 by there now, though. Not quite that yet here...

Elaine Magliaro said...

Cocktail hour should start anytime you need it to!