105 Ways to Give a Book

Two Weeks of Featured Prizes

For the next two weeks I’ll be talking about the books and other prizes that will be given away during the 48 Hour Book Challenge. Right now I have almost one hundred comments on that post, but not all of them are sign-ups. It’s certainly not too late to put your name in, and it would be very cool to get to a hundred participants. Just sayin’.

Yesterday, I featured an interview with Anna Alter about her book Abigail Spells, and she is offering both a book now (enter for a random drawing in the comments) and later (as part of a winning 48HBC Prize Package.)

Today, I’m featuring a blogger at Saints and Spinners who has found a new artistic calling along with her storytelling. She is making these adorable dolls, and has contributed a Galadriel Fuchsia doll for the winner of the 48HBC. But you don’t have to read until you drop to get one, because you can visit Alkelda’s Etsy Store to buy your favorite or place an order. Along with the flower dolls, there are little caped nature children and more complex dolls. So sweet!


Anonymous said...

Those are very cute. I'd like to see a Black-Eyed Susan.


Saints and Spinners said...

Suz- I'll ponder that request! The first sunflower I made reminded me of a Black-Eyed Susan. If I make one, I'll dedicate the doll to you. :)

Thanks so much for mentioning my shop, MR. I do appreciate it. I hope whomever wins the Galadriel Fuchsia enjoys the doll.