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Bloggiesta Mini-Challenge: You Were Brave!

I’m so glad that I held the Bloggiesta Mini-Challenge asking you to stretch your comfort zone. So many brave entries! I’m proud of all of you for taking chances and shaking things up. I picked one winner at random, who will receive a couple of books, courtesy of the supplies of Book Blogger Convention, and that winner is... Vicki from Reading at the Beach! Congratulations!

While I’m happy to offer a prize, I’m most excited that I was able to pose a challenge that made all participants winners. I loved reading your comments of the many ways you all pushed yourselves. It was inspirational. Here are some of the things that you’re doing:
  • Starting a new feature/challenge/poll/contest
  • Emailing authors for interviews/guest posts
  • Emailing publishers for review copies
  • Asking bloggers to do guest posts
  • Connecting to local bookstores
  • Agreeing to do guest posts
  • Mixing up a set style
  • Posting reviews on Amazon
  • Writing a negative review
  • Sharing something personal
  • Taking a controversial stand
  • Facing the hard jobs of blogging
  • Promoting, marketing, and reaching out
Wow! Great job, everyone! I love the way that everyone who approached this challenge did so in a way that tackled their own soft spots. For me, my bravery was in what I did not do. After two extremely intense days that wiped out my time, energy, and emotional reserves, I decided not to participate in Bloggiesta on Sunday, as I had planned. Usually, I would worry about neglecting my blog or letting someone down or whether it was appropriate to run a challenge — and then personally bail on the event. And, to be fair, I remained a bit worried about those things. But for me, this weekend, the brave thing was to take care of myself on Sunday — even if it provided a sort of ironic twist to the very challenge I was proposing.

Thanks to everyone who played along. I hope this push to be brave carries over in your blogging for a long time to come. Blog on!


Buffy said...

Again, this was so good for me and the wheels are still rolling in my brain. :)

Anonymous said...

I received my books today and can't wait to read them!!

Thanks for such a neat mini-challenge!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I forgot....

Love my Spyology "Agent K" Secret Decoder Pen!!!