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Fifth Annual 48 Hour Book Challenge: Winners, Prizes, Donations, and Thanks

First, a repeat from the last post with the winners of The Fifth Annual 48 Hour Book Challenge are:
Absolutely amazing readers who will have to tell us more about how they stayed awake through all of those reading/blogging hours. And maybe how they kept people — like moms, for instance — from engaging them in hour-long phone conversations. I’ll be in touch with your about the super prize packages!

Now, more prizes! I have books for participants selected with the Random Integer Generator. Participants had to complete twelve hours of reading/blogging/networking to be eligible for prizes. In the order drawn, the winners are:
Prize winners, please write me at MotherReader AT gmail DOT com with your address, and the books you’d most be interested in receiving. If you’d like a personalized copy, please note to whom you’d like it signed; I’ll do my best to accommodate. (Choices include: signed copy of The Cardturner, personalized, signed copy of Seaglass Summer, personalized, signed copy of Operation Yes, personlized, signed copy of The Secrets of the Cheese Syndicate; a personalized, signed book selection from Melissa Wiley’s Little House books and — in an ironic turn for MotherReader — author/illustrator signed copy of The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane.)

For the Fifth Annual 48 Hour Book Challenge we had almost a hundred people complete the challenge with fifty-five blogs listing totals of twenty hours or more. Here in order of their finish line sign-in are:

48 Hour Book Challenge Twenty Hours Club
  1. MotherReader 28.5 hours
  2. Over the Moon and Sun 41.5 hours
  3. The Fourth Musketeer 22.5 hours
  4. Lessons from the Tortoise 20 hours
  5. Books Like Breathing 43.5 hours
  6. Blue Castle 48 hours
  7. Reading Chick 22.25 hours
  8. A Patchwork of Books 26.5 hours
  9. The Dimly Seen 23.25 hours
  10. Teens@CPL 24 hours
  11. Book Nut 22.75 hours
  12. A Moment With Mystee 43.5 hours
  13. BookLoss 26.5 hours
  14. Bibliovore 24.5 hours
  15. Madigan Reads 31 hours
  16. The Literary Wife 22 hours
  17. A Room Without Books Is Empty 22 hours
  18. House of Crawford 22 hours
  19. Book Clutter 22 hours
  20. The Lost Entwife 26 hours
  21. Blog from the Windowsill 27.75 hours
  22. What We Read 26.5 hours
  23. Situations Where You May Need It 30 hours
  24. Two Canadian Readers 22 hours
  25. So Many Books... 27 hours
  26. Reading with Tequila 23.75
  27. Abby the Librarian 28.75 hours
  28. Charlotte’s Library 25 hours
  29. (LiyanaLand! 48 hours
  30. Reading and Writing from Red Stick 22 hours
  31. The Book Maven 23.5 hours
  32. Becky’s Book Reviews 25 hours
  33. Ms. Martin Teaches Media 26 hours
  34. My Favoritest 22 hours
  35. Stiletto Storytime 21.25 hours
  36. The Purpled One 48 hours
  37. Nomad Librarian 24 hours
  38. Musings of a Book Addict 24.5 hours
  39. Lost in the Library 23.5 hours
  40. Biblio File 33 hours
  41. Literate Lives 20 hours
  42. Lucy Was Robbed 20 hours
  43. The Infinite Shelf 22 hours
  44. Mama Librarian 30.5 hours
  45. Darkly Reading 21.5 hours
  46. Sonderbooks 26.75 hours
  47. Library Chicken 31 hours
  48. BookMoot 25.5 hours
  49. Trisha at The YA YA YAs 20.5
  50. Bookgazing 21.75
  51. Karen at GHHS Library 28 hours
  52. Geeky Blogger’s Book Blog 21.25 hours
  53. The Neverending Shelf 22.5 hours
  54. I’d So Rather Be Reading 24 hours
  55. One Librarian’s Book Reviews 24.25 hours
Many bloggers also connected their personal readathons with a cause. As I know it now, here’s a list of Blogging for The Greater Good:
Visit the blogs above for more information about their specific causes. Since I wasn’t always able to determine the amount or exact cause, I am happy to accept corrections or additions to this list.

Though I hadn’t announced this, we are able to give a prize to the person who raised the most money for charity — which is Jennie of Biblio File! She’ll get a lovely necklace from Hoolala. Based on the number of finishers who have signed out and those I know to have done the challenge but not yet signed out, I’ll be donating $100 to a project at this DC School through Donors Choose.

Thanks to all the authors and bloggers who contributed prizes. Special thanks go to Carol Rasco from RIF, who will be donating multicultural library collections for schools or other youth-serving organizations — as chosen by the top three winners! Another special thanks to Kristen from Blue Castle, who donated the most beautiful necklaces from Hoolala and coin purses made from fabrics used in the Shakespeare Theatre plays in DC. Thanks to all of the bloggers who mentioned, tweeted about, and otherwise promoted the 48 Hour Book Challenge. We would never have had such a fantastic turnout without your help. Thanks to the bloggers who supported a cause — and supported each other in raising money. Of course, thanks to all of you who participated and made this such a special, amazing, fabulous event! I couldn’t, wouldn’t, shouldn’t do it without you all!

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Anonymous said...

This Reading Chick is helping birdies with my 48 Hour Book Challenge: I've decided to spend $2 for every hour read to the International Bird Rescue Research Center to adopt an egret or heron. You can too... http://www.ibrrc.org/adopt_a_bird.html
Thanks for connecting reading with a cause.

Mrs. DeRaps said...

Congrats to all participants in this challenge--It was awesome! And, thanks Mother Reader for organizing all of this. Maybe the kids can come out of their cages now?

Iron Guy Carl said...

Hey, MotherReader, I was able to raise $80 dollars in pledges for the Charlotte Mecklenburg library with more possibly coming. (The inof was far down in this morning's post)
Carl from Boys Rule! Boys Read!

Charlotte said...

Thank you Pam, so very very much! And hooray for all of us!

Juli said...

Thanks for organizing this, Motherreader. I look forward to it every year and am always a little sad when it's over. Perhaps next year I'll hit 20 hours. Have a great week :)

Unknown said...

I'm incredibly impressed! Great work, everyone! Congratulations to everyone who participated! Maybe next year I can join in.

Kristin said...

I have to admit that I ignored my Mom's call when she called on Saturday. I did call her right after the challenge ended for me, however. (I needed to find out when she was coming yesterday!)

Congratulations to everyone! Especially look at all those donations! Very impressive.

Thanks, Mother Reader for all you do. You are amazing.

Liyana said...

Okay, wow. Congrats to all the winners!

web said...

I had some last minute comments, so my grand donation total was $25.

Buffy said...

Yippee! Thanks to everyone!

Jan von Harz said...

Congrats to all. I was unable to post my final post due blogger being down until last night, but I am glad so many people enjoyed this read-a-thon. Thanks for sponsoring it.

Michelle said...

Congratulations on another wildly succesful challenge! Great work :)