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I Know, I Know

I was going to come back after BEA and then 48 Hour Book Challenge and then Bloggiesta with all this verve and vigor. And posts. You know, like actual posts. About books and stuff. But what can I say? I’ve been overwhelmed with end-of-the-school-year events, including a variety of things with wrapping up the Girl Scout troops for the year. Throw in a little Drama and the continuing parent health saga, and I’ve had one heck of a month.

So next week. That’s the one to watch. I’ll be posting reviews, talking about BEA (finally, maybe), and preparing for the exciting ALA schedule ahead.

For now, entertain yourself skimming through the pages at Ripple — where artists contribute sketchcards and you contribute money to help the Gulf, and then you get the card to keep. Cool, huh? If you don’t find that special piece of art, but want to make a donation to help the wildlife, then consider selecting one of the pieces submitted by kids. You’ll certainly make someone’s day by choosing their artwork — and maybe inspire a future picture book illustrator! How about the work of this eleven year old?
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