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Word Order

I hate working on Saturdays, because I hate leaving my family home while I work. Makes me bitter.

I hate indoor pools, because they are noisy and the smell of chlorine makes me crazy.

And today I get to do both of those things one right after the other for one big ball of hate.

The only thing making the day tolerable is wearing my new I’M A NOUN! shirt — to work even, because what were they going to say? The other thing that brought a small smile to my face was the headline of this article:
Chocolate Jesus show canceled
The way it’s written makes it sounds like Chocolate Jesus is a band. Actually, that would make a great band name! The AP headline was slightly rearranged and thus didn’t capitalize the word chocolate. Not as funny.

Word order. It matters.
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Anonymous said...

I'm sure you were feeling quite spiteful, yet "one big ball of hate" made me laugh aloud.

The Chocolate Jesus show headline was pretty awesome, though. Did you see the photo of the ginormous chocolate statue? (They only showed it from the back, and I'm pretty sure I know why.) Which reminds me that I'm midway through How to Get Suspended and Influence People right now, and I'm pretty sure the Chocolate Jesus would've made the video.

lifelongreader said...

saw this headline and laughed too - I can just picture it :)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who is forever seeing/hearing clever word combos and thinking "That should be a band name." Chocolate Jesus is a truly excellent name. MR, maybe we should start a band. I can play cowbell...

Chris said...

It is an excellent name for a rock band!

lifelongreader said...

Or as you could have said:

Word order. Matters it.