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Back from the Beach with Gratitude

Ahhhhhhhh. So much better now. How couldn’t I be when this is my beach? Though that picture was taken Thursday morning, and not on the actual holiday weekend, it’s still pretty rare to get a beachfront as quiet as that in the summer, no? We always go to a beach separate from the downtown strip, and because parking is so limited, we don’t have a lot of company. Except for the dolphins, who love to troll along the shoreline just out of swimming reach. I know, I’m rubbing it in.

I swam in the ocean, flipped through magazines, and played with my three-year-old niece. I went to the aquarium, saw the fireworks, and ate at IHOP. I watched DVDs, took naps, and ate doughnuts. I bought a new bathing suit that I like, and the experience wasn’t even that painful.

I didn’t read a book while on vacation, though the ridiculously long return drive gave me the chance to read two of them. I didn’t spend any time worrying, or for that matter thinking too much at all. I read email via Bill’s iPhone, but didn’t try to write back with my terrible texting skills.

But now I can respond by telling you how much those comments and emails meant to me. Your supportive words and sympathetic sentiments gave me strength and energy from this community that I love.

The first night back in my home, my head felt clearer than it has in a while. The suggestions for conference sessions began to gel, including a fresh new idea of my own. I put out some thoughts to the listserv. I updated the page on KidLitosphere Central. I wrote to some contacts.

Unfortunately, I chose to get inspired as everyone is either on vacation for the holiday week or heading to the ALA conference. Bad timing. But you’ll be hearing more about the KidLitosphere Conference in the next few weeks, and I hope you make plans to attend. I mean, c’mon — the registration fee is low, the hotel rate is good, Washington, DC, is lovely, and the company is amazing. You can’t go wrong.


Suzanne Casamento said...

Mmm. Your beach vacation sounds amazing. I love the part about not worrying and not thinking too much. You're a lucky, lucky girl. ; )

Jules at 7-Imp said...

Wish I could be there (both that beach AND the upcoming kidlitosphere conference).

Camille said...

Ooooh nooooooo...just realized that wedding of child of dearest family friends in the world is the same weekend as the kidlitosphere conference. I was coming!!! I wanted to do the whole D.C. thing. Treebeard was coming with me....NNNOOOOOOO!!!!

Terry Doherty said...

Welcome back! Hope the dolphins are still in VA Beach when we go in August. Did you happen to invite them to the conference?

MotherReader said...

Suzanne, I would live at the beach if I could - and given the number of houses for sale in this community the urge is even stronger.

Jules and Camille - I wish you could make it to the conference. You'll be missed.

Terry - The dolphins are always there in August. Make sure you go to Croatan Beach. If you get there before 10 a.m. you can usually find parking and a pretty quiet beachfront.