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Book Blogger Appreciation Week

First of all, thanks for viewing my daughter’s solo performance, and for the sweet comments. I was so moved by her singing, so crazy-proud, that I needed to share it with my people. I appreciate your indulgence. (If you haven’t seen it, then perhaps you missed my blog post, Facebook status, Twitter update, and email blitz — in which case, I feel like I don’t even know you anymore.)

Book Blogger Appreciation WeekMoving on from appreciating my daughter to appreciating ourselves, Book Blogger Appreciation Week takes place from September 14th through the 18th, but the preparation starts now. There are three main — and easy — ways to participate as a KidLit/YA blogger.

First, register your blog in the Book Bloggers Appreciation Week Directory. Right now, there aren’t a lot of blog listings within children and Young Adult literature — and that needs to change. The database itself is maintained by Amy Riley of My Friend Amy, and the information is not sold to any organizations, persons, or companies. It also may take some time for your blog to show up, as I know I registered and my blog isn’t listed yet.

Second, nominate favorite KidLitosphere blogs for awards. Of course, you can nominate other non-KidLit/YA blogs, since there are plenty of categories in which to do so, but my point here is that the KidLitosphere needs to REPRESENT! (I don’t know, should that in all caps? Maybe divided with periods? Re. Pre. Sent. No, that doesn’t seem right. Is there an urban-vibe font I can use?) While there are specific categories for KidLit and YA reviewers, there are also tons of other categories in which our community can shine — including Best Design, Best Blog Name, Best Collaborative Blog and many more. Look over your blogroll or Google Reader, turn on your thinking cap (all the way to eleven), and make some nominations.

Third, talk and post and tweet (#BBAW) so we can get our community involved and, ahem, remind each other to register, nominate, and participate. (Don’t make me try to convey the “represent” thing again, because I’ll do it.)

For more information, questions, or suggestions — say, listing Best Featured Video — visit the BBAW website. (Actually, tongue-in-cheek plug aside, Best Featured Literature-Related Video would be a great category.)


Liz B said...

I want to see what the standards being used are that make this more than a popularity contest; and also that are universal for book blogs, not favoring some elements that aren't universally seen as a best.

I'm also cautious about publisher involvement, so again, I'm on wait and see mode.

And while I know the organizers don't want to announce who the judges are because of fear of manipulation, if judging is what elevates this from popularity to something else, I want to know the criteria for choosing them, and, again, standards.

MotherReader said...

Interesting perspective, Liz. I can't speak to who the judges will be or what standards will be used, but I don't find it an issue for me. Any new initiative needs time to find its feet and an active membership to bring forward questions and suggestions.

I do think that the week/awards/blog offers up an opportunity to connect book blogging communities in a broader sense. It's very easy to be so immersed in our own group that we don't even see the others. With KidLit and YA participating, we open up avenues to read and learn from each other.