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Booklights, Zoos, and Conferences

Today at Booklights I’m suggesting three picture books about the zoo. Two are new this summer and one is an old favorite. In this case I’m using the word old in publishing terms or blog life terms — that is to say more than two years.

I get the impression that zoos are a summer thing related to vacation and travel. We’re spoiled, living near the National Zoo, so we prefer weekend visits in the fall when it’s cooler and all of you tourists go home. Plus the National Zoo is free, so it doesn’t have the feel of an excursion where you shell out a hundred bucks so that everyone can have some fun because we’re ON VACATION DAMMIT!

KidLitCon 2009 - Washington DCActually, you know when we would be an ideal time to visit the National Zoo? The weekend of October 17th. Think about it. You could pay money to go to another zoo or museum in your area. Or you could spend that same money on a hotel room and the spouse can take the kids to the zoo for free while you meet some of your favorite blogging folks in person at the KidLitosphere Conference. That sounds like a plan, right?


Anonymous said...

Nice segue, Pam.

I was scheduled to speak at another conference before the dates for the Kidlitosphere one was announced. I am inconsolable over the whole thing. The conference I will be going to is fine, but it's no Kidlitosphere.

Terry Doherty said...

Seamless transition, Pam! Can we take a copy of Wild About Books with us?