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Fun on the Run and Booklights Post

Today at Booklights I’m talking about books for car trips, and I welcome you to add your own suggestions. Have an exciting audiobook that kept you engaged (or more importantly, kept the kids engaged) for a long drive? Know a great book of games for the road? Head over and lend your knowledge to weary parent travelers.

Fun on the RunFor your bonus book here at MotherReader, I’ll mention Fun on the Run: Travel Games and Songs, by Joanna Cole and Stephanie Calmenson. Filled with all those games we needed to know before the age of portable DVD players and Nintendo DS, this title can give you the ideas to make a long car trip seem just a little bit shorter. With something for everyone, the book includes wordplay games, license plate races, and silly stories. There are even a few songs — though not the really cool ones like the Jonas Brothers sing.

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web said...

I just today packed that book for a car trip. I reviewed it years ago and saved it up. :-)

I love my word verification. gyband. Guy Band? Gay Band? Goy Band? It's all good.