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Bloggiesta Personal Update

Okay, so I did good work for Bloggiesta, but not excellent work. I’m also not sure I’m done yet, but it seemed like an update was in order.

How sad is it that my note for the first hour simply says “reviews” and I have no recollection of what reviews I was doing?

My second hour I spend cleaning up my blogroll a bit. I removed some blogs that aren’t posting and added a few that I never got around to adding. I don’t know if anyone looks at blogrolls anymore, but I’m not ready to part with mine. It doesn’t have everything I follow on my blogreader, so I updated that too. It was actually in pretty good shape, though I suspect the Comment Challenge will see me adding blogs back to it.

My third hour I spent on some of the mini-challenges. I checked my copyright info, corrected post labels, added to my cheat sheet, and dumped dead links. Then I took a break for dinner and Lost episodes with the family. (We ended with the one where Sayid shoots Ben. Remember watching that and just going nuts?)

Last night I spent two hours on updating member links at KidLitosphere Central. Twenty minutes of that was beating myself up for neglecting it for so long. I also spent an hour clearing my Google Reader, though I did star a fair number of posts to go back to when I have more time. (Isn’t fooling yourself like that a hoot?)

I had high hopes for today, but so far I’ve only given two hours to Bloggiesta — one for typing reviews that I had scribbled in a notebook and one for cleaning up blog-related emails. With only eight hours so far, I’m hoping to come back tonight — after more Lost.

Edited to Add: I was able to do some blog reading, commenting, and email culling for two hours tonight. So my total time is ten hours, with five mini-challenges, twenty comments, and some new ideas in my head. I really loved having Bloggiesta in January, especially when it was too cold to want to leave the house anyway.

In other news, the Comment Challenge is rockin’ with the crossover of the Bloggiesta and the promotion by the KidLit/YA book bloggers. So, thanks!!!


The1stdaughter said...

I think you've gotten an amazing amount accomplished from where I'm sitting.

My biggest hurdle has been writing and your comment about keeping a notebook just struck a cord with me. This is a great recommendation! My biggest problem has been getting time to write as soon as I finish a book and well, with two little kiddos that can sometimes prove impossible. This will really help. Thanks so much!

Sandra Stiles said...

I think you have done a great deal as well. I do still check the blog roll of other blogs. That is the only way I find some of the really cool books, or challenges, etc. Thanks for all you do for bloggers.

Abby said...

The comment challenge *is* rocking! And in retrospect, I think maybe I should have joined in the Bloggiesta fun. I'm just now realizing all the things I could do to clean up my blog! Ah, well. Maybe next time. :)

GreenBeanTeenQueen said...

Yeah, I star items all the time-especially since I try to go through my blogs while I'm on the desk at work and can't read everything. Sometimes I get to back to them and other times I have to go through my starred items and clean them out!

Unknown said...

This has been an excellent challenge indeed.

I'm a new follower because of it. Mentioned you on my blog by the way :)

Lisa Nowak said...

Wow, reading about all the stuff you're working on is traumatizing me. Seriously. This sounds too much like my own life. And yeah, I totally do that thing with staring posts, too.

Okay, now I have comment #5 for today. :)

Carmela Martino said...

I'm new to the Comment Challenge, so I didn't sign up for Bloggiesta this year. Maybe next year. But you sound like you're getting a TON accomplished. I'm envious.

Hannah said...

Ooh, you're a LOST fan? Me too! Dh and I have been doing a grand review in preparation for season 6, to begin Feb 2 if Pres Obama doesn't ruin things. We just finished "Jughead" so we're close to you.

Since you're an avid reader too, I have to ask: Do you ever, like me, get book recommendations from Sawyer? :-)

Thanks for doing the Comment Challenge; it's been loads of fun.

MotherReader said...

Thanks to all for the encouragement. I was really going to devote all weekend to bloggy stuff, but general tasks of life got in the way.

1stdaughter, notebooks have been my saving grace for capturing quotes, quick impressions, and thoughts about books when I can't always get to my computer. I just have to remember to type them later.

Hannah, I'm a big LOST fan now - though I came in later to the show. I think third season. So my husband had the family watch the episodes from the web connected by "magic" to the TV until we were caught up. Now we're crazy addicted. I haven't taken book suggestions from Sawyer yet, but am interested in investigating further the LOST book list where every book mentioned, seen, or referenced on the show is listed.

Lissa said...

That's a ton of work you did! Especially updating the blogroll & kidlitosphere links---that kind of thing can be so time-consuming.

I spent all my computer time today working on an interview of Julianna Baggott to run tomorrow. One of those posts that's so much fun to write but is full of time-munching formatting and linking tasks.

I've kept up with the Comment Challenge so far but now the weekend's over---weekdays are quite another story. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, I was wondering as well how you get so much done in a short amount of time. :)
Thank you for co-hosting the comment challenge. I discovered lots of great blogs through it.

Anonymous said...

I, for one, love that you updated the member links at Kidlithosphere Central ... I spent some time there this weekend surfing to new blogs so that I could meet my daily post challenges!

Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

You did great! Way to go on the Bloggiesta!

Mary Lee said...

I'm not sure which is more hysterical, starred blog posts in Google Reader or Favorited Tweets. Probably the tweets. I have gone back to a recipe I starred from Smitten Kitchen. (But not to the other bajillion starred posts that are waiting there for Someday.)