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While you wait for the Mo Willems post (vote for your favorite opening, cause I’m waiting), peruse some ideas that I am tidying up.

Close QuartersIf you followed my entrance into the world of film — short, quickly-made film, that is — you may wonder about the results of the contest. Well, we were not chosen for the second screening of the Best of The 48 Hour Film Project. Bummer. However, we know of another good film that didn’t make it, and, as the contest coordinators tell us, judging art is subjective. We learned a lot in making our film, we had a great time, and it’s the process that’s important. Or so the losers would have you believe. If you would like to see our film, particularly if you have high-speed Internet, pop by Tohubohu Productions.

If you followed my angst over my first grader’s trouble in school, you may remember that I raved about her vocal and musical ability. She made up a little song that we recorded and you can listen to it and know that I am not just making this up. She could be the next American Idol. Junior.

If you read about The Sex Lives Of Cannibals, you may be interested to know that I had an actual visitor from the small islands of Kiribati after putting up my post. I can only assume that someone has their “my blogs” space set up to search for references to Kiribati so he/she can check them out. So, apparently, even in the middle of nowhere you can get Internet access. I am writing Kiribati three more times so my South Seas visitor will have to come back. Kiribati! Kiribati! Kiribati!

If you read about Sex Kittens and Horn Dawgs Fall in Love, you’ll know that I loved the book. This fresh, funny book saved me from the doldrums of young adult books I had been reading. I liked it so much that I almost did another post about it (which I guess you could say I am doing now) complimenting the character development, the feel for kids’ language, and the use of New York City as more than just a backdrop. Usually when books take place in New York, it could be any city, but this author captures the flavor of living in New York and uses it for her story. She also linked to me in reviewing her book, and I think she called me funny... or entertaining... or I am just remembering it that way. The author has her own blog on her book and more, if you want to stop by with some virtual cookies.

If you read about my booktalking, for books like Lowji Discovers America, Sweet Tooth, Fashion Kitty, and The Liberation of Gabriel King, you may remember that I did these booktalks for the children’s staff of my library system. All over my county librarians are searching for these booktalks, finding my site, and leaving. I don’t think they realize that this is a blog of one of their own. So, if not: IT’S ME IT’S ME IT’S ME! I don’t list my name here, though it wouldn’t be hard to find with some of my links. Okay? Now come back already.


web said...

Wow! She sounds truly awesome. Can we borrow her when we become the next Trachtenburg family slideshow players?

Anonymous said...

If I write *my* "100 Things about me" list, I'll have to include the fact that I've been to Kiribati. And for those wndering, a trip to Kiribati does *NOT* keep you from donating blood. Because I knew you were wondering.

Little Willow said...

Aw! Keep that, save it, record more, write more, girl!

tanita✿davis said...

Good grief. Coming soon to a production of High School Musical... in about nine years. Sheesh. The kid's good. You might ask her, casually, if she wants voice lessons... and then you can spend your retirement on chocolate cookies and feather boas. 'Cause I'm sure she'll be paid at least as much as Maraiah Carey in her prime, and will take care of you when you're old...

Oh, I read the Gabriel King book thanks to you. And I repeat: awesome, awesome, awesome. Thanks again.