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The Teeny Tiny iPod

How was your weekend? Did you, for example, GET AN IPOD!?

Yesterday my husband gave me an iPod Nano for our wedding anniversary. Engraved.

I gave him a bottle of Scotch. Oh yeah, and canceled our Atlantic City trip for the second time in favor of next weekend’s 48 Hour Film Project, because we couldn’t really do both. Hmmm. Lose sleep and money in Atlantic City or lose sleep and buy lunch and dinner for a bevy of hungry actors — but have a short film to show at the end of it. Kind of a toss-up. Not that I’m bitter or anything.

’Cause I’ve got a teeny tiny iPod.

And you know what? Washing dishes goes faster with an iPod. Changing the sheets goes faster with an iPod. Paying bills goes faster with an iPod, though I did accidentally make a check out to Cotton-Eyed Joe.

Writing this blog did not, however, go faster with an iPod, since I use all of the mundane activities above to think about what I am going to write for the day. I’m also afraid to reveal the book that I read yesterday, in case it is the one that FuseNumber8 plans to slam today. I’ll be back later with some picture books. Or something else safe and easy.

The other nice thing about yesterday, aside from the iPod — oh, and planting a garden in the warm sun — was seeing a sports book on the Washington Post’s Kids Post yesterday. Could it be that my call to the kids’ lit blogs to join BookMoot, Jen Robinson, and me in writing about sports books reached the Post’s ears? Probably not, but let’s all pretend it did. FuseNumber8 joined the gang with a review of Donuthead, which I then had to read and just loved. GottaBook wrote a baseball poem, after I kind of bullied him. And a new blog joins my links because once she started on sports books, she just couldn’t stop. So, everybody, say hi to Blog From the Windowsill. BookMoot started the trend, so they make my links too.

I’m sure they are both moved practically to tears. And it is exciting, but, let’s be honest — it’s no iPod.
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Bill said...

Aw, shucks...

I'll offer a note of clarification — it was a really nice bottle of Scotch.

And if anyone out there would like to follow the progress of our efforts in the aforementioned 48 Hour Film Project, you can check out our website, listen to the podcast (in regular or iTunes varieties), or just come by the AFI Silver Theatre on Friday, May 12th, for our premiere screening.

Sorry — couldn't resist a little plug. But I'm still really glad you liked the iPod. ;-)

web said...

As the song goes, I try hard to keep control, but I get carrrrried awwwaaaay....

I was kind of reminding myself of a funny Donald Westlake book in which the protagonist is editing an anthology and Isaac Asimov keeps sending a new submission every few days.

Congrats on your new toy, and your obviously happy marriage. :-)

Kelly said...

Congrats on the anniversary and the ipod!
I'm still struggling with sports books. Does ballet count? Or skating?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your IPOD. What a nice gift! And happy anniversary! As for our humble sports posts influencing The Washington Post, well, does it hurt for us to think so? Congratulations on being so inspirational!

fusenumber8 said...

Aren't iPods wondrous? I tried to get some children's books on cd downloaded onto mine so that I could "read" books as I rode the subway to and from work. Then I got bored (curse you, "By the Great Horn Spoon"!) Happy happy happy anniversary too.

Slammy slam-o.

Greg Pincus said...

Happy Nanoversary (a day before my own) you big bully. And let me cast a positive vote for iPods... particularly when they entertain a small child for hours on a cross country flight. ROCK ON!

Anonymous said...

What kind of scotch? My Christmas present to myself was a bottle of Johnny Walker Gold, which was excellent.

Bill said...

For the record, the Scotch was a bottle of 12-year (single-malt) Dalmore. So it may be no 25-year Macallen, but frankly, that would probably be lost on me anyway. Or, should I say, the cost difference would more than offset the marginally increased enjoyment.

Although I do have a pretty good Macallen story... but I'll save that for another day.