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I had fully intended this set of books to be part of my earlier post. However, as I was writing that entry, I realized that all of my coworkers were leaving for our volunteer luncheon. Oops. I wrapped up quickly and zipped out the door, leaving behind these cutie, cutesie, cute books. And it truly looks like the baby seal on the front cover was very hurt by my abandonment. Sorry, little baby white seal.

Animal BabiesIf you can’t get enough of precious animal photos, consider the Animal Babies series. (I’m linking to the baby seal one there, because it is the sweetest cover, though I am partial to Animal Babies in Grasslands.) These books are for sharing with the youngest readers as they have very few words, and certainly no story. There is a description of the baby animal and the continual question “Who is my mommy?” On the next page we learn the proper name of the baby (“My mommy is an elephant and I am her calf.”) and something about the animal. Sometime the animal baby is very obvious (like an elephant), but sometimes not (like a tapir).

This would also be a nice series to share with a beginning reader, but pace yourself or you might just overdose on cuteness.

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