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Book Reviews? What Are Book Reviews?

How about I, ummm, review some books for my book-reviewing blog.

Looking for a light read for your elementary crowd? Something so light that you may need to put a rock on the books whenever you set them down? Oh, then, have I got the books for you.

Dude, Where's My Spaceship?Dan Greenburg, author of the Zack Files, has come up with a new science fiction series. I’ve seen the first two books in the Weird Planet series, Dude, Where’s My Spaceship? and Lost in Las Vegas, and I approve. These books will not change the world, by any means, but they may be just the thing for a reluctant reader or a reader in need of a mental break. I know that my fourth-grader will go from Katie Kazoo to Dragon Rider in one sitting, proving that sometimes a kid just wants a quick, silly book.

Lost in Las VegasAnd silly is something the Weird Planet series has to offer. The reader is introduced to the characters, three kid aliens, as they are careening towards Earth in a runaway spaceship. Apparently, someone on board does not fly as well as he thought. They land on Earth safely, and make their spaceship invisible (note the title). However, the girl alien is captured by humans before she can chew her language gum and explain herself. Her brothers change shape and go to rescue her as she tries to use her thought-control to foster her own escape. Hilarity ensues.

The books are amusing, in that fish-out-of-water (alien-on-this-planet) way. My fourth-grader asked me to bring the next one home, so that is probably the best recommendation that I can offer. Well... and that I kind of want to read the next one too.
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