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Mo? Is That You, Mo?

Did I forget to mention that Mo Willems wrote me back? Not that I was like, excited or anything. Just another day. Noooo, I was thrilled, but was right in the middle of setting up this 48 Hour Book Challenge, so I couldn’t post it. Plus, I wanted make sure it was all right to put his well-crafted letter online. I mean, he probably figured that I would, but I am nothing if not proper.

Our exchange for your (my) amusement:
Dear Ms. Reader,

I have, indeed, lurked around your site and have perused your copious notes on our recent meeting. I am uncertain whether to be flattered or frightened, so let me say that I am “flattened” by your coverage.

I must note, however, that your version of events mentions various twenty dollar bills, which mysteriously are not in my possession. Perhaps this is not the proper time to mention that my roof is currently being repaired in a most expensive manner.

Thank you for your support. If not for bloggers such as yourself, incessantly googling myself would be far less rewarding.

Your pal,


P.S.: My wife would like to ensure that I give your husband my best.

Mo Willems

I wrote:
Oh, Mo,

Thank you very much for your response. If you have no objection, I will post it on my site, sans email info. Apparently, you left out the line “MotherReader is the funniest blog I have ever read. You need to write books!” so I will fix that before posting. ;-)

Perhaps I may have used a touch of exaggeration for comedic value — ’cause it’s all about the funny — but I truly am a fan. Your books are spot-on perfect, and you are a wonderful speaker. That said, please do not be frightened. I have not been issued a restraining order for three months now (a personal best!), so you and your lovely family are totally safe.

I hope that you’ll stop by my blog again for un-Mo-related material. It’s said in the biz (is there a blogger biz?) that I write some pretty witty stuff. Thanks for being a good sport.

Your pal (back at you),


P.S.: My husband sends his regards to you as well. On the heels of my quasi-obsessive posts, he made a lovely little poster for our poker night of antes and blinds, titled “Don’t Let the Pigeon Play Poker.” I am sure he would be happy to send it your way. In fact, I’m not sure that I could stop him from doing so.

He replies:
Rock on, MotherReader.

Good luck on your 48 hr thingie.


P.S.: Final plug: Lane Smith just posted a cool vid of our 45 Minute Mural on his site.

Mo, my pal, for what it is worth from little ol’ me, consider it plugged.


Anonymous said...

Don't know what line I like better:
"flattened" or "a personal best!"

Thanks for giving us the update!

Anonymous said...

I can't think of another post that I've read that's made me laugh quite so loudly. Thanks to you and Mo for brightening my morning! I thought that the bits about your husband and Mo's wife were particularly funny.

Thanks also for the feedback on my "Cool Girls" list. I'm not very well acquainted with Junie B., but I think that fearlessness would qualify her for the list, the long version anyway. And your suggestion of trying to get the list to 100 has definitely inspired people - I think that there are already enough new suggestions in the comments for me to get to 100. Now the problem will be, do I let it go over 100?? But I'm thinking at this point that I want a nice long list, and later I'll winnow it back down to a "coolest" list. Anyway, thanks for supporting the "cool girls" list.