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I Am Absolutely Shameless

How should I start the post describing my meeting with Mo Willems?

Perhaps with accosting the poor man outside the restrooms and opening with a reference to Fuse#8’s designation of him as a hot man of children’s literature (hey, Fusie, no one said that I couldn’t use it as an opener).

Perhaps with the description of the venue where I found myself with an astonishing number of people who were there to hear Mo Willems speak, yet probably didn’t know who Mo Willems was.

Perhaps with one of my more personal, rambling, stories whereby I describe how I got lost leaving said venue — a place I have been many times before — because I couldn’t stop thinking about how this would play on my blog.

Perhaps with giving him my website address as he signed my children’s books, and the possibility that I may have slipped him twenty bucks to stop by soon.

I know, say it with me, shameless.

I am going to let the evening gel in my mind. Feel free to vote on my potential openings and tomorrow I will present The Mo Willems Experience.

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