105 Ways to Give a Book

Books for Christmas??!!!

Yes, indeedy.

And this doesn’t even count the books I bought for myself as I was shopping for others. Come on, you do it too.
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Kate @Midnight Book Girl said...

You tricked me! I totally thought there was a Modern Family book, but at closer look it was just the dvd. :)

Jenny said...

I'm sad every Christmas and birthday that I don't get books. Unfortunately it happens quite often. I think family and friends often don't know what to get me because I tend to buy books I want. What they don't seem to understand is that I don't want them to buy me the books I want, I want them to buy me books they think I would like. That's how I'll discover some great new books.

Your stack looks fabulous! I'm enjoying Earth, slowly between other books. I spent a lot of time at a conference this summer with James Loewen and have loved his books for a long time. Finally, I had no idea Gene Weingarten had written a book about the violinist. That is now on my list!

MotherReader said...

Kate - Oops! That Modern Family DVD did slip in there. But, OMG, the thought that it could be a book just blows my mind.

Jenny - the answer to family buying you books you want is as close as your computer. Three words for you: Amazon Wish List. During the year I list the books I want, the books I read at the library and now want to own, or ones that just look good. Then come gift-giving times, there are some choices available - so there's a surprise - but still books you want. The daring gift-givers will also have more of a hint of what kind of books you like, and so can branch out to surprise you with something new. Win-Win.

Colleen said...

I posted my list - because it was too big just to put in your comments! (And I didn't include the ones I bought myself either.... :)


Mrs. N said...

Ever since I started using the library more I've become downright stingy about what books I'll buy. I have a few gift cards for bookstores that I'm eager to spend but I can't seem to convince myself to buy books I haven't read. What if they're not good enough? But then I feel silly wanting to buy books I have read.