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Today I’m posting both U and V, because I thought that I had them combined in one storytime. As it turns out, I didn’t and I certainly don’t want to smoosh my storytimes together based on my need to post both today... and that’s why you’re getting two posts today. The end.

Bear in Underwear
by Todd H. Doodler

Bear in UnderwearA bear who is bare finds a bag of underwear. He tries on different kinds — some are too big, some are too small — to find the tighty whitey ones are just right. Of course, then all his forest friends want underwear too, and fortunately there is something for everyone. Hooray! There is no moral of the story here, no higher purpose than inviting giggles, starting with the cover itself with its insert of soft underpants. The bright, sharp cartoon illustrations would make this easy to share at storytime — though I kind of dare you to do so. I’m actually laughing as I imagine the scene. The book will be a hit in sharing one-on-one, undoubtably.
I suppose you could give this book with special underwear for the holidays, though that seems wrong. It would be the perfect gift for beginning potty training, as it doesn’t talk about potty training at all, but focuses on the prize — real underwear. Anyway, look for more Ways to Give a Picture Book or over a hundred other Ways to Give a Book this holiday season.
The Letter U

Book: The Umbrella Party, by Janet Lunn

Song: “Rain, Rain”

Book: What’s Up, What’s Down? by Lola M. Schaefer

Rhyme: “Up and Down”
Put your arms up
Put your arms down
Put them through the middle
Move them all around
One arm to the left
One arm to the right
Give someone a hug
And hold on tight.
Book: I Wished for a Unicorn, by Robert Heidbreder

Rhyme: “Five Little Unicorns”
Five little unicorns playing in the sun
The first one said, “I’m having lots of fun.”
The second one said, “See my shiny horn?”
The third one said, “Of course, you’re a unicorn.”
The fourth one said, “I am as white as snow.”
The fifth one said, “So are we, you know.”
Book: The Ugly Truckling, by David Gordon

Song: “What Begins with U?”
(to the tune of “The Farmer in the Dell”)

What begins with U?
What begins with U?
We all know, we’ll tell you so.
What begins with U?

Umbrella begins with U.
Umbrella begins with U.
We all know, we’ll tell you so.
Umbrella begins with U.

Unicorn begins with U…

Up begins with U…
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Unknown said...

Have you seen Dinosaurs Love Underwear? Hilarious! Kindergartners are of course fascinated with anything involving underwear :-)

Anonymous said...

I have an issue with the Bear in Underwear book.

It's the cover. The bear's underwear are raised cloth, like a tactile board book that encourages kids to feel the different textures. Except in this case, it's only the underwear on the cover. And kids feel compelled to reach out and stroke the bear's underwear. It's just...wrong. I'm surprised that Chronicle signed off on it.

Storied Cities said...

I don't know any of these! I have my reading cut out for me. :)

Mary Ann Scheuer said...

For older listeners, I'd highly recommend Bruce Coville's Into the Land of Unicorns on audio. And for short chapter books I loved Kathleen Duey's The Unicorn's Secret series.

bioluminescence said...

Underwear Dos and Don'ts by Todd Parr.

Also I'm really sad I didn't post Shark in the Park! for S. So there you go.

wmmahaney said...

Up Above and Down Below is another wonderful "U" book.

Katie said...

I love Lily's Victory Garden... not to mention the fact I'm quoted on the back cover!!!

Z-Kids said...

Otters Underwater. My fave Arnosky book. And it's fun to say.

Alison said...

Love the underwear books. You can always get kids giggling when you talk about underwear

Bridget R. Wilson said...

I also like The Umbrella Queen by Bridges.

Karen said...

Underwear books are a favorite around here. Especially Aliens Love Underpants. aliens+underpants=AWESOME!

Amy said...

I like Yellow Umbrella by Jae Soo Liu. Its a wordless picture book that comes with an original music cd that accompanies the story (with fade outs to let you know when to turn the pages). A neat and unique storytime experience!